Keyword Everywhere : Advantages, Features, Alternatives

Keyword Everywhere is an extension tool which can only be applicable with chrome and firefox browser. You can get search volume, CPC from 16 different websites like YouTube, Amazon, eBay, etc. The extension works as a great time saver as it will provide you data within a very short time.

Keyword everywhere has two versions for users. One is the free version and another is the paid version.

Free version:

  • These tools will provide trend chart to free users
  • Free users can view similar search results in Google
  • It will show these timed organic traffic and insight widgets

Paid version:

  • This version consists of all the characteristics which are available in the free version
  • Users of this version can go through the monthly search volume, CPC, competition, and trend data
  • Historical data is also available for the paid version

If you are trying to use SEO to your advantage, keyword everywhere makes your life much easier. It will provide you the exact outcome which can change your thinking process. Many digital marketers are using this keyword tool and so you can be assured about its functionality.

Keyword everywhere shows pretty much accurate data although it may vary in different platforms. If the platform is related to Google, its accuracy is closer to perfection.  However different platforms apart from Google-related data may be less accurate.

Keyword Search Tool:

This is a practice by SEO to figure out and research alternative search processes going through a similar subject. The motive of the keyword search is to know more about your targets.

Keyword research is done by different types of tools. Keywords everywhere, Google trends, word tracker, Ubersuggest are some of them.

Benefits of Keywords search tool:

These types of search instruments have quite an impact on various search platforms. These tools consist of high-value activities and they will offer higher returns. Youtubers and content creators get information about new content through these.

Keyword search tools have some advantages

  • You can use your time properly by using these tools
  • Deliver an exact idea about how your competitor doing
  • It also helps you to easily target moneymaking keywords
  • These tools give you information about new trendy topics

Apart from these above advantages, these accommodate you to figure out what your potential targets are searching for.

Keyword Search Volume tool:

This search volume tool prepares to assess the sum of searches execute through various search engines. For finding the most productive keywords, you should have the information that individuals are trying to find.  In that case, this checker will help you with the correct information.

There are some steps you need to go along with to find more information about search volume

  • Brainstorm the keywords which will suit the topic you are working and you can get results from search engine
  • Make a list of keywords that you think will impact your business
  • Do a volume checker to analyze
  • Get to know about your competitor and how they are acting in search engines.

Although it’s a time-consuming process, it’ll be better to go through this than walking in the dark.

Find search volume data

Evaluating search volume data is a bit tough job to do. Since various marketers are utilizing their own methods to estimate the number of searches people have gone through.

However different types of keyword tools are available to find information about search volume data.

But not for free.

For accessing those tools users get to pay first.

Keyword Everywhere


Keyword Search Volume Checker:

A keyword search volume checker is a process of identifying keyword opportunities based on search quantity and competition. This checker will be able to help you to know about monthly search traffic. Besides that, you will be aware of the cost per click and competition from this tool.

These tools are very popular among SEO consultants, copywriters, and webmasters, etc. If you need insightful information, then it will come in very handy for you. Adwords keyword tool used to be search volume checker before 2012.

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Tool Planner

The keyword tool planner helps you to create a search campaign by providing keyword ideas and traffic. This tool planner has some benefits. By using this you can get the idea of keywords for your topic. Besides that, it will provide you monthly searches on a specific topic which will give you an assumption of competitors.


The data you get from this keyword tool planner will give you some advantage

  • You can estimate how your competitor doing
  • Can change the topic if you see there are much competition
  • You will have a clear idea about which product to work with
  • You can modify your websites after going through the data and so on

Keyword Research and Analysis:

The definition of keyword research and analysis is quite the same. You must analyze and search keywords that bring the client to your website for a paid visit. This researches and analysis will give you the benefits of increasing your conversion rate and finding new markets.

Keyword research and analysis are quite time-consuming. However, there are some tools like Word stream, Soovle, Adword, etc. will make your trouble easier. These tools perform the research and analysis for you. They also give your ideas and suggestions so that you can get efficient results.

For details, keyword analysis and research have great importance as it will allow you

  • To know about successful keywords and reduce the wasteful spend
  • To figure out the perfect keyword to increase the conversion rate
  • To increase the knowledge of keyword which will lead to acting according to market
  • To find out new markets

Moreover, there are some other tools Adword Performance grader will give you the chance to compare your results with your competitor. Which will show you whether you have any lacking or not? If you do have to lack you can correct it next time.

Keyword Research and Analysis

The importance of these keyword research Tool and analysis is quite impactful. And also you will get an idea about PPC and SEO. So it is beneficial to use more of it as your success in terms of search engine will vastly depend on it.

Keyword Everywhere AlternativesGoogle Keyword Planner

  • LSI Graph
  • Google Trends
  • WordStream
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • SEOStack


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