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Simplify SEO and push your rankings up with SERPStash. This tool breaks the SEO hustle down into three simple steps: Identify competitors and keywords, research backlinks, and run a complete audit on your page to identify areas for improvement. SERPstash gives you access to 21 simple tools to help you boost your site’s ranking. You can find your current search ranking, display the top search queries bringing traffic to your site, and access more insights that will get your site on track for that coveted first-page spot.

SERPstash Reviews


  • Contender research
  • Backlink research
  • Website audit


  • Access choice: work area

Review: SERPstash gives you admittance to 21 basic devices to help you support your site’s ranking. You can locate your flow search ranking, show the top search inquiries carrying traffic to your site, and access more insights that will get your site on target for that pined for the first-page spot SERPstash Reviews.

SERPstash Reviews

Primary Features: What is it you can do through SERPStash?

  • Dissect and channel ranking keywords identified with your industry
  • Find who is ranking for the very keywords that you choose to target
  • Locate the best 100 best websites connecting back to your website and who is connecting to your competitors
  • Improve your site’s speed w/straightforward tests and insights from Google
  • Discover your site’s present ranking on Google and Bing
  • Recognize indexed pages, top inquiries, and backlinking pages
  • Test whether your pages are considered “versatile inviting” on Google search results

SERPStash Features

Rivalry: Utilizations Google to discover your competitors for a particular watchword.

Catchphrase RESEARCH: Showcases assessed month-to-month search volume, CPC, and market an incentive for limitless keywords.

GOOGLE SERP: Locate your present rank on Google for the entirety of your keywords. Checks the initial 250 outcomes.

BING SERP: Locate your present rank on Bing for the entirety of your keywords. Checks just the initial 100 outcomes.

TOP SEARCH QUERIES: Showcases the top search questions that lead guests to your website.

INDEXED PAGES: Ascertains the all outnumber of pages that Google and Bing have indexed for your site.

ROBOTS.TXT: Peruses and parses your robots.txt document to discover sitemaps and rules.

SITEMAP: Outputs your sitemap documents to perceive how hard it will be for Google and Bing to discover it.

SUBMIT SITEMAPS: Effectively and in a flash present your sitemap(s) to Google and Bing.

ALEXA RANK: Scratches Alexa to locate your present worldwide rank.

Crawlability TEST: Presentations whether that page can be slithered as well as indexed by Google and Bing.

Portable SUPPORT: Tests whether your webpage(s) will be shown as “portable agreeable” on Google search results.

HEADERS: Checks the headers returned by the page for blunders or issues.

Top-notch BACKLINKS: Shows the main 100 highest caliber backlinks highlighting your website.

NEW BACKLINKS: Shows the best 100 most up-to-date backlinks highlighting your website.

POOR BACKLINKS: Shows the best 100 least fortunate (most minimal quality) backlinks highlighting your website.

TOP REFERRERS: Shows the top websites which allude the most traffic to your website.

SPEED TEST: Runs a speed test on your website and gives proposals from Google on the most proficient method to improve.

Connection ANALYSIS: Checks all connections on a page, decides if they are interior or outside (active), dofollow or nofollow.

Catchphrase DENSITY: Finds the most well-known words or expressions on your page, checks them against the page title and Meta portrayal.

Concentrate META TAGS: Pulls meta labels out of the page and shows whether that meta tag is utilized by Google and Bing.



SERP stash was conceived on the grounds that you utilized all the fundamental SEO devices out there and discovered them excessively muddled or excessively costly. What you need is only a basic arrangement of devices, showing data like who is connecting to your site. Which keywords you rank exceptionally and some straightforward audit instruments … so the public service. This basic apparatus has every one of those highlights.

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