TeamTreeHouse Review: Explore Its Features!

TeamTreeHouse Review originated in 2011, in Orlando, Florida. The owner and creator – Ryan Carson – established the organization from his previous business venture – a video-instructional exercise-based service provider called Carsonified. TeamTreeHouse is a technology learning-oriented MOOC provider.

Features of Tree House

To put it very just, the organization offers professionally-made courses on IT-based points to beginner and advanced students who need to score a coding job in the tech industry.
Since you have a general idea of what the organization is (and what it does), we can move on to the actual TreeHouse review. Let’s start off by discussing the usability and design of the platform.
TeamTreeHouse Review


  • Great pricing
  • Free trial
  • Easy to use


  • Many Design parts could be better
  • Courses can be better in quality.

User Friendly

Even if an organization has the best courses around, you will probably never figure that out in case you’re not able to discover your way through the platform. The usability factor (that it is so easy to use the platform and to navigate around it) is a very significant aspect of any e-learning website.

And this can for the most part be seen directly as it so happens – the homepage. Pair a great UI with some awesome design decisions, and you have yourself a pretty fun experience.

However, on the off chance that it’s impossible to track down your way through the main page, and the design is dodgy, best-case scenario, you’re probably going to give up in only a couple of seconds and are never returning.
One thing that I really didn’t like was that I was unable to figure out how to access the course page from the first page. I had to actually google “TreeHouse courses” to get to them – in case you’re interested, search for This was an inconvenience that I don’t figure numerous people would experience.
TeamTreeHouse Review

High-Quality Content

Students that have taken a few different courses on the platform leave some pretty positive TreeHouse reviews online – it’s quite hard to track down someone who might be very unhappy with the service that he or she received. I’ve noticed that the greater part of this is due to the way that TeamTreeHouse Review offers users a free 7-day trial to give the platform a shot.

Main Features

At this point, it is normal knowledge exactly what features an e-learning platform can offer. You have your simple courses, video instructional exercises, interactive courses that permit you to take a shot at your own projects while learning end route, etc., etc. We all know and expect an online course provider to have and offer these and comparable things – it’s exactly how this business functions.

However, in the event that a MOOC-based platform needs to stand out, it has to bring to the table its students something unique and interesting. This can be a scholarship opportunity, degree-earning programs, a chance to earn university credits, and so on.
TeamTreeHouse Review

Cheaper Price: First of all, you have the Basic $25 per month option – this is great for anyone who isn’t really sure whether or not they need to dedicate their lives to coding, and simply need to give it a shot. It’s a beginner-oriented plan that will provide you with the essential tools that you’ll need to get started.

Learning Experience: The learning experience is a really subjective thing to analyze – different people will have to change opinions about the same course. Sure, it doesn’t change the quality of the course itself, however, things like hunger, mood swings, fatigue and everything in between might affect your feeling on the data provided within the course.
TeamTreeHouse Review


It can be really tough picking an online learning-based platform to help you with all of your learning requirements. It doesn’t just depend on the quality of the service that the platform provides – you have to take into account your own time management skills, financial situation, skill level, and a lot more different things.

However, since TeamTreeHouse Review offers a free trial, it’s a great example of a site that you could test and see in the event that it does suit your needs and needs. Simply remember – you will get billed after 7 days in the event that you don’t cancel your subscription!

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