Viral Launch Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features

It’s a top-of-the-line software packed with miscellaneous features and tools to help Amazon sellers optimize their sales and get the most extreme profits from the items. Viral Launch developers promise that with its help, sales of any Amazon store will skyrocket exponentially.
Viral Launch Reviews

This is because the rundown of Viral Launch services includes a line of critically significant aspects that ought not to be neglected. Specifically, the service helps to discover new items that will be effectively sold and bring essentially high profit. Likewise, Viral Launch helps you locate the correct keywords to improve search engine optimization, just as analyze competitors.


  • Viral Launch includes a Chrome extension in the valuing.
  • A 14-day free trial.
  • It is designed as a research and launches software with a great item discovery tool.
  • Viral Launch additionally extends up to 10 Amazon marketplaces.
  • Viral Launch’s feature of Product Discovery is one of their best assets. This is used to locate the ideal item to sell.
  • You would now be able to do shrewd business on real-time information with feasible strategies from their extensive insightful data on items and sellers.


Depending on your budget, it can be a disadvantage not to get any keyword research tools in the lower-tier plan.

Viral Launch prices are fundamentally higher than Jungle Scout.

It presents so much information that some beginners think that it’s overwhelming.

Viral Launch Pricing

A yearly arrangement is by default a more profitable option as you’ll pay from 10 to 30 dollars less than with regularly scheduled payment. Also, in the event that you pursue the yearly bill, you’ll have a chance to test Viral Launch’s capacities for free during the period of two months – the feature that is absent in the month-to-month plan.
Viral Launch Reviews

Viral Launch Features

Kinetic PPC: This is a relatively new prologue to Viral Launch which has already indicated great success among users. The tool satisfies three critical marketing capacities: monitors your results, increases your profits, and educates your strategy. By what means does the tool help you develop your business?

Item Discovery: In case you’re searching for the potentially best-selling item on your niche, a Product Discovery tool is presumably exactly what you’ve dreamed of. With the professional assistance of this helper, you’ll get a customized rundown of items with high selling potential and demand straight away.

Market Intelligence: Item research is essentially a fundamental piece of item sales which no Viral Launch Amazon seller can manage without. To make this process a lot easier for you to experience, a one-and-just tool was invented. Market Intelligence available in Viral Launch Chrome Extension is your answer to the question of why it takes such a huge amount of time to search for meaningful items physically.

Viral Launch Keyword Research: What’s equally essential to item research is a keyword search. These two terms go immovably connected at the hip when it comes to discovering strong item sales opportunities. Right keywords do a remarkable job to leverage your SEO optimization, bringing your interest up in the market, and of course, bringing more profits from sales over the long haul.

Competitor Intelligence: Nothing can prevent your business from flourishing more than competitors, we all realize that. But don’t stress, Viral Launch has taken care even of this disturbing element as well. Presently you can easily monitor your competitors’ activity directly from the user-friendly Competitor Intelligence dashboard.

Posting Analyzer: This tool is a trinity of useful helpers that work inseparably to make sure you get the best results each time. Posting builder, keyword manager, and posting analyzer is a tandem you’ll certainly begin to look all starry-eyed at.

Split Testing: Once more, Viral Launch has something to surprise you with now. The aforementioned tool embraces a number of additional features aside from just split testing – something you can utilize to combine multiple marketing efforts into one integral, effective result.
Viral Launch Reviews


In a nutshell, Viral Launch extension gives a critical push to Amazon sellers who will rearrange their frames, set bold bars, and increase sales progressively. With this tool, any Amazon game will be absolutely worth the squeeze, as long as it’s utilized with the greatest efficiency.

Viral Launch confidently passes the test of quality and reliability by all parameters. The number of tools and features available is sufficient to make marketing dreams come true.

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