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Your online presence won’t bring any pleasant result if you are not discoverable and favored by the search engines. To increase your online visibility through search engines, quality backlinks have no alternative. To get A to Z backlink service for your website, don’t hesitate to knock us. 

dotMirror has served over a thousand people with quality backlinks from authority and reader friendly sites. With the experience, we can help you to make your online presence visible to your potential customers. So, if you want link building support to make your website profitable by reaching potential customers, knock us right now. We are the place you’re searching for.

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Why are Quality Backlinks Important for Your Site?

Like the name, backlinks support you from your back by linking your site to other sites. Thus, search engines can understand your website's validity. If the links are from quality sources, search engines will consider your website a trusted one. 

Some of the most popular link-building methods are listed below.

Being trusted by search engines allows your website to rank higher and get more visitors. Thus you can sell your product or service, express your value and enjoy increased ROI

a proper plan can success your business.

Case Studies.

We have over 6 years of experience providing SEO solutions to businesses, whether they want to expand their online presence, get more leads, or grow revenue. Our methods are tested and trusted, which is reflected in our clients' success stories. For example:

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Allow us to help your website grow faster and attract more visitors through our free SEO consultancy service. 

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Get All Types of Backlinks under One Roof

Backlinks and referrals from different sites increase your site’s exposure and earn from the site. Below are the SEO link-building services we offer.

  • Basic Backlinks : Basic backlinks are the kick-start of your link-building journey. Building basic backlinks allow you to showcase your presence to search engines and build the foundation for the following backlinks. Our experts do this very well. 
  • Guest Post Backlinks : Outreach backlink is a proven way that brings you more visitors through building authority and trustworthiness. This process needs content and an anchor that naturally creates a path to your website. We create content with our efficient in-house writers and bring links from related websites. 
  • Backlinks from Authority Sites : To increase your site’s authority, you need backlinks from authority sites. Let us do this for you. From our collection of a bunch of authority sites, we build links from sites related to your niche. Our quality contents and perfectly placed anchors help us to get the links quickly.
  • Monthly SEO Services : Regular backlinks from different sources will help you the most to ensure sustainable growth. That’s why we offer a monthly SEO service, where we provide a supreme mix of different types of backlinks throughout the month. You can subscribe to the service with a monthly payment. 
  • Backlinks Audit : Tons of backlinks may not help if those are broken or from valueless sources. That’s why we offer a backlinks audit service. We check your backlinks and remove the broken links or 404 errors. We also remove the backlinks from harmful sources that might be the reasons for the penalty. 

Our Ways to Ensure Quality in Our Link Building Service

Getting backlinks from quality sources is a challenging and time-consuming process. But our experts do that for you to get the best out of the links. Let’s know how we ensure the quality of our link-building service.

  • Manually Created Links : The backlinks we provide are created manually. From picking up the source to ensuring the article is published- our experts do everything manually. So, don’t worry about the quality of the links at all. 
  • Links from Trusted Sources : We take links from trusted, dependable, and reader-friendly websites. As a result, your site gets quality backlinks that ensure high-quality link juice flow. Also, we ensure that the sites are related to your niche.
  • High-quality Contents : For placing anchors, we create content with our in-house content writers. They generate the contents through thorough research and proper readability. That’s why our contents become not only for placing the links but also bring visitors by providing value. 
  • Indexing Guarantee : Links from not-indexed content may not bring the expected result. We ensure that the content gets indexed within the shortest possible time by ensuring top-notch content quality. Our contents become indexed in almost all cases. 

Reasons behind Choosing Us

When you ask why we choose each, we can show you a lot. Below here are some of those.

  • Specialist Link Building Team : Our SEO team has link-building specialists who have been doing the task for a long time. We have specialists for each little part of the process. Starting from planning and communicating with the webmaster, we have in-house specialists who work for you. 
  • Industry Expert : Our specialists have been in this industry for a long time and know how the changes occur. We have the expertise, experience, expert skillset, and knowledge. So, when you leave the task to us, you depend on a team of industry experts who won’t let you down. 
  • Effective and Efficient Strategy : Our experience, skill, and knowledge allow us to implement an effective and efficient strategy. As we know how things work, we focus on building and following a specific strategy instead of surfing randomly, so if you want something that’ll help you effectively, leave the task to us. 
  • Quality at a Reasonable Price : While providing you with the service, we ensure the best quality. Still, we make our services affordable for those who want to invest in their websites to get more significant benefits. We want you to grow, and we keep the process of growing affordable so that you don’t face hardships.

Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support team.

Are the links sustainable?

Yes, most of the links we provide are sustainable. This depends on the wish of the webmaster. But we provide quality content that is relevant to the website. So, in most of the cases, the webmaster keeps the link alive forever. 

From where do you collect the contents?

The contents for your backlinks are written by our in-house writers. They produce quality articles those are relevant to both your site as well as the site from which we take the link. So, don’t worry about the content at all. 

What is the length of the content? Do I have to pay separately for it?

The length of the content depends on the webmaster. Generally we provide 800-1500 word content with relevant anchor. However, the content price is included in our package price. You won’t have to pay for it separately. 

Is there any scope for me to check the contents?

Yes, we can provide this service for you. If you would like to check the quality of our work, please contact us through our client dashboard. The contents are designed and written by our expert writers to ensure maximum quality. We have all the responsibility on us and we’ll be doing that perfectly. 

Are the links safe for my website?

Yes, all the links are safe. We search and find out the websites from relevant niche which are trusted by readers and search engines. We take links from those sites. So, the links are safe as you are getting those from trusted websites. 

Do you provide do-follow links?

Yes, all the links we provide are do-follow links. You can check that in the reports we provide. Also, if you want, you can use tools like Ahref to check if the links are do-follow or not. 

How long do you need to deliver the service?

The process is manual and we need to wait for the reply from the webmasters. So, this may take a long time depending on each and every step of the procedure. However, we try our best to deliver the service within 30 days of confirming the order, but it may be stretched to a bit longer. 

Can I change anything after publishing the link?

Sorry, but we don’t provide the scope. This is a lengthy process, trying to change the link or anchor after publishing the article will make it longer. Also, webmasters may not agree to it. SO, there is no scope for that.

Do you have refund policy for SEO link building service?

We don’t have any refund policy. But if you find any link disappearing within 30 days after delivering the service, we can make that up for you. Also, if you find any gap in our provided service, we’ll revise the service and fill the gaps. 

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we take custom orders regarding SEO link building service. To place a custom order, knock us through the chat box or email us

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The SEO audit service was very effective for me. I could understand what I was doing wrong. Thanks to Dotmirror for helping me at a reasonable service charge.

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Dotmirror gave the keywords within the promised time, as always. So, till now, there was nothing to complain about.

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What would you look for from a service provider? Starting from the first response to delivering on time- Dotmirror satisfied me in all aspects. Keep up the good work.

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I suggest trying Dotmirror if you’re looking for any service they offer. You would love them, I know.

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How We Ensure Our Quality?

While providing the service, we ensure professionalism to satisfy our clients. As a result, you’ll be getting top-notch service quality from us. Here are some of the characteristics that help us to ensure the quality that clients seek in the SEO industry. 

  • On-time Delivery : People always want to get things done on time in the SEO industry. But very few service providers can provide the delivery on time. Here we are different from most other services. We ensure on-time delivery because our dedicated SEO experts only spend their time on the assigned tasks. Also, we don’t take a load that exceeds our capacity.
  • Dedicated Support Team : We have a dedicated client support team that is always there for you for any support related to your project. If you want to know something, just knock us without any hesitation. Our team will answer your queries as soon as possible.
  • After Sales Support : We don’t want you to leave when the project is finished. That’s why we offer after-sales support for our clients. All our services come with after-sales support for a specific period. If you are facing any problem regarding the service, knock us without any confusion. Our experts will be there to support you.
  • Revision Policy : Our revision policy is pretty straightforward. We won’t forget you after delivering the service. If you find any problem in our service, knock us immediately. We provide revision and revise the whole project if you complain within 72 hours of receiving the service. Most of the services don’t provide this support, but we do.
  • Highest Confidentiality : We value your information and keep those confidential. For SEO and other support, we need your confidential information. But we don’t share your confidential information with others. Only people working on the project will know the information.

The Types of Websites We Work for

We serve all types of websites through our SEO link building service. But there are some specific comfort zones for us. Some of those are given below. 

  • Affiliate Websites : We are comfortable working for affiliate websites because links provide great support to those. Besides helping in building authority, SEO links also ensure support to the affiliate sites by enhancing traffic flow to those sites. If you have an affiliate site, let us do the work of link building for you.
  • AdSense Websites : AdSense websites get help from SEO links because those ensure a good traffic flow by improving the rank. Our expertise in building links for AdSense websites is very prominent and well-known. So, you can leave the task to us if you are looking for some links for your AdSense website.
  • Business Websites : Our SEO link building service is also for business websites that want to get some valuable clients from search engines. If your business website lacks visitors and needs more online exposure, you can hire our SEO experts to do that for you. We offer links from related websites so that you also get some direct visitors from the sources.
  • Local Business Websites : We also provide link building service for local websites that most service providers don’t offer. Our experts are skilled in optimizing websites for a specific place or community. So, take your online presence to your local customers with the help of our SEO link building service.

Why Choose Us for Your SEO Link Building Support?

If you are looking for link building support, we’ll recommend our SEO link building packages. But why? There are reasons.

Besides service, we offer our expertise, experience, and dedication in our packages. The members of our link building team have been working in this specific field for a long time. This has helped them to gather expertise, gain experience and prove their dedication. While working for your site, we use this practical knowledge to achieve the best result for you. 

What is Link Building?

Link building is a part of SEO and marketing strategy for websites. It refers to just the thing that the name indicates. Link building is the task of getting links from related or relevant websites, mainly from a similar niche to your website, through a keyword typically called anchor text. However, the link can be taken to your website through images, videos, or other ways.

Link building is essential for any website. The reason is that when your website is linked with many other relevant websites through proper anchor words and placements, search engines think those sites trust your website.

For this, the links should be high-quality ones. Quality links suggest to search engines that your website and contents are credible. On the other hand, if the links are low-quality, your website won’t get that much support. You may face search engine penalties in these cases because of low-quality links.

This is what has made link building a bit tough task. You have to be cautious about selecting the websites to get the link from. Also, you need to ensure that your website is not getting any links from spam websites you don’t build.

If you can do it properly, link building would give you a lot of benefits you’re looking for. Besides helping a lot in SEO, links help you to gain a lot of traffic by driving traffic to your website from the source websites. Thus, you might see a decent increase in the sales graph.

How does Link Building Help SEO?

Link building is a key part of optimizing your site for ranking well in search engines. You might already know it but want to know the reasons behind it. Let’s know the significant benefits of link building in the SEO of your website.

  • Link is a Ranking Factor : Google and other search engines prioritize links as one of any website’s most crucial ranking factors. The reason is- links from good sources make your website more valuable and reliable. A site that has given you a link means the site has recognized you as a trusted source of information. That’s why search engines show the top websites with quality links from quality sources.
  • Links Bring Traffic : When your website is connected to another website through a link from any content, people surfing through that content can see the link. They click on it and visit your website if they think it can help.Thus, you get traffic to your site. When connected to many websites through such links, you’ll get a lot of traffic from those sources daily. More traffic to the website says that your website is providing valuable content that people like. So, the position in ranking improves.
  • Links Improve the Authority : Page authority and domain authority are two important features that influence the ranking of your website. If the authority scores are good, your site will likely rank better.Quality links from quality websites increase the authority scores of your website. As a result, with the increase in the number of valuable links provided to your website, the authority increases. Thus, your SEO score increases, and you get better search results.
  • Links Build Brand : More and more people know about you when your website is connected to many sites from similar niches through quality backlinks. Thus, trust is built.When your site is popular and maybe a brand, people often search directly with your website name. In such cases, Google can sense that you’re ensuring the value people are looking for. So, it takes your website to a better position in related search results.

Is Link Building Dead?

Nowadays, many link-building strategies are not working correctly. That’s why some people have started saying that link building is dead or has nothing to do with ranking now. But the claim is not valid at all.

The previous ways and strategies of link building are not working similarly anymore. There are reasons for such a situation. In previous strategies, building more links was enough to rank better than your competitors. As a result, quality links were not getting the value they should get. Also, picking good websites was not that easy for search engines.

That’s why Google has dramatically changed its algorithm to pick the sites that offer quality content. Nowadays, besides the links, content quality also matters. Also, a few more things are taken into concern.

As a result, building numerous links doesn’t work today. For this issue, many people claim that links are dead.

The links are not dead at all. Those are alive and promising. You just have to stay careful and ensure you’re building quality links from quality sources. Also, Google focuses more on organic links nowadays. So, you must focus on developing quality content because quality content quickly gets organic links.

So, don’t get confused about the necessity of link building in SEO. Instead, focus on building links that seems organic and develop contents that people love to share willingly. You’ll see the result within a short time.

How Much Does Link Building Cost?

Discussion about the cost of link building leads to a scattered conversation with not that satisfactory answers because several types of links are available and essential for websites. Each comes with different features that have an impact on the pricing. So, you can’t find a fixed price for all types of links.

Also, the cost varies a lot based on the service provider. Some offer links at around 50-60 USD per link, whereas others sell links that cost around 300-400 USD or more per link. Your cost would depend on the provider you’re selecting.

The link quality also matters a lot regarding the pricing policy. If you think you need links from quality websites with high DA and PA, the cost would be huge compared to the cost of links from sites with low DA and PA. Also, the price changes based on the size of the source site.

Niche affects the cost of links too. You’ll find some niches that are more competitive compared to others. In that case, the links cost more than regular pricing. The number of links or the size of the package you’re ordering matters too. If you buy multiple links, the cost per link would be cheaper compared to when you order for a single link.

You’ll see other factors, too, including the cost of content associated with the link, pricing policy, etc., that affect the cost of links.

Considering all the factors, the typical assumption about the link building cost is around 500-2000 USD per month. However, if you want to follow aggressive link-building strategies, you might have to spend more than this range. So, take your decision accordingly.

So, if you want someone to build links for your website, don’t hesitate to put your bet on us. We won’t let you down. 

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