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Adblade is a creative content ad platform that allows its users to reach over 300 million views on hundreds of top renowned sites. It was launched in January 2008, but since then they’ve made their name with their creative ideas to succeed in the online marketplace.

Adblade review

Adblade is an exclusive platform in CPC marketing. They have very prestigious clients like Yahoo and Fox news. It’s a very lubricative platform for publishers.

They offer you the most designed and user-friendly experience to your audience. Adblade is voted the largest ad network. They have access to hundreds of websites that will help you to expand your CPA marketing on a larger scale.

Adblade review

Ads by Adblade

Adblade offers you a various range of IAB standard and non-standard ad formats. You can put any kind of media provider to your ads.

Adblade allots you a 300×50 or 320×50 size for the mobile version and 728×90, 300×250, or 160×600 in the standard display which is under high-impact ads. You’ll find the detailed resolution aspects on their website.

As a publisher or an advertiser, you’ll want to monetize your site and the amount of traffic it’s getting. When you’ll log in to their dashboard, you’ll find a user interface with every information that is there to offer for you. There is also a section to decide the quality score of an ad.

That’ll help you to improve your ads.

Advertising network

As an advertiser, Adblade is a wonderful network. It has better demographics than any other advertising network. It helps you to put more AdSense in their network. This helps the publishers and the advertisers to keep high percentages of traffic because of their analytics.

Adblade mostly puts its value around 50 cents to one dollar per click. This can be more or less too depending on the competition on those verticals. Overall, Adblade can be your go-to solution for an effective and creative advertising network.

Adblade network

Adblade has access to many reputed websites. So, as an advertiser, you need not worry about the traffic to your ads. These websites will help you to get a huge amount of traffic that will help your business to a long extent!

Adblade works with advertising companies like double click net, google remarketing, Adroll, Facebook custom audiences, etc. It’s a premium setup for the next level online advertisers and publishers.

Adblade CPC

CPC means cost per click. It’s a paid advertising term that is used to indicate the payment an advertiser pays to a publisher per click.

The average CPC rate for Adblade is fifty cents to a dollar. It’s quite a high rate if you compare it to other networking platforms that are available here. The CPC rate of Adblade is quite high because it has around 300 million clients.

Adblade pays a high amount of money if a publisher can generate more than 500,000 views monthly. You can make a decent amount of money using Adblade.


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