8 Best Alternatives to React JS To Make Your Web Application

 To assist you, we are going to share the top 8 alternatives of React JS Review. We pick this alternative framework based on stability, support, API, performance and  more. Let’s explore some excellent alternative frameworks of React JS to make your website exclusive.

Why do we need an alternative to React.js?

  • React JS is a robust framework that comes with lots of libraries.  As a result, it is not easy for developers to manage it. Similarly, it is not wise to choose an oversize framework that wastes your valuable space.
  • React JS lacks some essential functionality such as MVC architecture, view functionality, controller, etc. So,  you need an alternative to derive those functionalities.
  • React JS requires a bit of knowledge and  a long learning curve to start with it. That requires a lot of time and  energy to explore this technology. Developers find it a time-consuming process.
  • Besides, developers find the React JS documentation a bit difficult. This framework is not easy for newbies.
  • If you compare performance or speed, React JS is a bit slower than other popular frameworks.
  • For advanced functional websites such as animations or complex designs for multi-pages, React Js is not a good choice. You should find a better alternative to derive the best output.

These are the reasons why you need alternatives to React Js for your project. A better alternative can make your site smooth and  top-performing.

Top 8 Best alternatives to React JS

1. Preact

Preact is a great solution to build a stable website with so many modern features. It is a fast and  easy alternative to React JS. Both React JS and  Preact come with the same API. It is a Javascript library that comes with DOM API to meet the job of synthetic events. It provides more features than React JS. Besides, it is lighter and  faster than React JS.

Unlike React JS, Preact does not come with the synthetic event. As a result, it provides smooth performance. It uses native addEventListner to use DOM API to boost up website performance. If you consider performance, Preact is a great choice for building websites. Moreover, it is compatible with all the latest browsers and  IE9+. Unfortunately, this Javascript library will not support Facebook synthetic events.

You will be glad to know that Preact comes with some useful features such as rendering of states, props, link states and  class utilization in replace of className. This different library comes with a small size but big performance. You can build a stable site, register real event handlers by using Preact. 

Compared to other frameworks; Preact is the thinnest framework you have ever used. But it ensures maximum performance. This powerful DOM element instance can replace a new place based on needs. It is portable and  embeddable. 

You can build an app without any toughest integration. Another excellent feature of Preact is a reusable framework. Everything from buttons to providers can use so many components that are available in the React ecosystem.


Key Features 

  • Lighter, stable and faster Javascript library.
  • AddEvent listener improves website performance.
  • Compatible with all types of browsers including IE9+.
  • Allows rendering of States, props, links states and class utilization.
  • Real event handlers.
  • Portable and embeddable.
  • Reusable framework.

2. Xamarin

Xamarin is an open-source application designed by Microsoft. You can build modern and  advanced applications both for Android, i’s and  windows using tamarind. The best part is Xamarin runs code faster in Android and  iOS. Also, offer a user interface to access the native tools.

Xamarin is popular for its excellent performance and  features. This cross-platform application cones with a .Net software framework to provide tools and  libraries to build apps. It speeds up the development process with many pre-built controls and  layouts. But it is not a free or open-source application.


Key Features 

  • Open-source application.
  • Compatible with cross platform.
  • Offer user interface to access native tools.
  • Comes with pre-built controls and layout.

3. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a popular framework for building fast and  responsive websites. It helps to design quickly and  customize design. The best part is it is an open-source tool that comes with powerful javascript plugins.

Bootstrap framework is designed with CSS and  CSS3. It actually applied to making responsive websites. People used Bootstrap to enhance the responsiveness of their website. Mark Otto and  Jacob Thornton introduce Bootstrap. It is the best choice to create a mobile-first web application.


Key Features 

  • Faster and responsive.
  • Customizable.
  • Open-source application.

4. Angular 2

Angular 2 introduces Typescript. It is an open-source programming language that comes from Microsoft. Angular 2 is also an excellent alternative to React Js. You can build a responsive website, Mobile app by using Angular 2.

Well, Angular 2 is popular for its faster loading time. It brings a dynamic loading feature to reduce loading time. If you want a high-performance website, then Angular 2 is a great choice.

It provides routing features such as location service and  navigation. The best part is this application is compatible with all devices or platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc. Besides, it is compatible with all types of browsers such as Google, Chrome,  Safari, and  more. 

It is designed with MVVM architecture, especially for mobile users. We suggest this application for building small apps or websites. It is comparatively easy to use. But you need some extra plugins to make a complete development of your website.

Angular 2

Key Features 

  • Routing services with navigation.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and windows.
  • Support all types of browsers.
  • Easy functionality.

5. Vue.js

Vue.js is one of the best Javascript frameworks and  mostly used as the alternative to React JS. It is an open-source application. It is a comparatively new framework than React JS. But it is popular for its exclusive features, tools and  performance. It comes with a tutorial and  an easy learning curve that attracts the newbie entrepreneur.

This framework is specially designed to create web interfaces. It is flexible, easy and  customizable. As a result, the developer’s first choice is Vue JS. On top-notch, it provides excellent performance.

We can say it is faster than any other React JS. Also, building an app with Vue JS is easier and  hassle-free. It comes with lightweight programming compared to react.  If you want a high performer simpler alternatives than React JS, then Vue JS is the best.


Key Features 

  • Open-source framework.
  • Easy learning curve.
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • High performer and faster.

6. NativeScript

NativeScript is an excellent framework to build Android and  iOS applications. This framework allows reusing concepts and  knowledge that already exist in frameworks such as Angular or Vue.Js.  It actually uses native elements to build applications.

You will be glad to know that NativeScript is faster than other alternatives such as React Native. It allows debugging custom content including CSS style, into different files as per requirement. Besides, this native framework allows accessing native APIs. 

It is designed by Telerik. Despite android and  IOS applications, it also allows building windows applications. It brings a rendering engine to offer a truly native experience. It comes with a virtual machine to execute Javascript code. But it lacks an element inspector.


Key Features 

  • Ideal for creating Android and iOS apps.
  • Comes with reusing concepts.
  • Faster and allows custom debugging.
  • Offer virtual machines.

7. jQuery

jQuery is a Javascript library that comes with different technology than React JS. It is specially designed for developers to build a web application easily.  jQuery library is lighter than React JS. It is popular for its easy functionality and  excellent features.

jQuery introduces the wrapping technique to wrap a big Javascript code into a method to make it a single line code. As a result, developers can write less to enjoy more features. It is a simplified framework to build an effortless website. Also, it makes dynamic web apps. 

Another excellent feature of jQuery is its simplified AJAX calls. This library comes with various plugins and  utilities to meet your versatile needs. It supports all kinds of browsers. Even jQuery makes animations and  adding effects fun.  Also, it comes with CSS and  HTML manipulation.  For large size web applications with advanced features, jQuery is the ideal choice.


Key Features 

  • Lighter and simplified code.
  • Dynamic site builder.
  • Offer different plugins and simplified AJAX.
  • Easy animations and after effects.

8. Ember JS

Ember JS is an excellent Javascript framework that helps to create scalable single web applications. It is also an open-source framework like other react js alternatives. Ember brings a data library to make caching and  querying easy. 

Also, It makes fetching, storing, retrieving and  catching data from the client site faster and  hassle-free. As a result, the site built with Ember JS is faster than React JS. It is easy to use, so beginners or newbies are recommended to grab Ember Js.

Unfortunately, rendering in Ember JS is a bit slower. It allows you to enjoy more facilities by writing less code. It helps to enhance your developer productivity. Also, it is an API-friendly framework that boosts up speed. 

Another excellent feature is it offers an auto-update to the newer Ember’s version of the control system. Also, it provides informative tutorials and  documentation for newbies.  It lacks standard UL elements.

Ember JS

Key Features 

  • Ideal to build a scalable single web page.
  • Offer easy fetching, storing and fetching data.
  • Faster and easy.
  • Auto-update to the new version.

How to choose the best alternative to React JS?

As there are many alternative frameworks of React JS, it is natural to get confused about which one is best for your project. Actually, the best one varies depending on your project requirements.

Suppose you are building a single-page application, then you can use React JS. It is stable, flexible and  powerful. As it is a single-page application here, performance is not the major concern. But if you give priority to on-site speed or performance, then Preact is the best.

Similarly, all the framework comes with some unique features and  functionality. Every framework is not ideal for all types of projects. You need to choose the right framework based on your project requirements. 

The framework which comes with all functionality to meet your project needs is the ideal option for you.  We make a list of the top 8 best-performing frameworks list to make it easy to choose the right framework.


Should I Use React JS?

React JS is an excellent choice for single-page web applications. If you do not build any complex sites, then React JS is ideal to use. But if you built a complete website, then it is better to skip React JS.

Why is Vue JS better than React?

Both Vue Js and  React are great frameworks to build web applications.

But Vue is simpler and  offers integration to existing projects with many more excellent features.Vue is a faster and  top performer. That is why Vue JS is a better choice than React JS.

Is react really essential?

React is easy for developers who love Javascript. It is only essential for a team of developers to handle easy projects. It is a time saver.

Final Thought

After intense research, I have made this top 8 alternative to React JS. In this article, We discuss the detailed functionality of the alternative framework. So that you can easily find the right framework for your upcoming project.

Choosing the right framework is essential to make your web application outstanding. You can not fulfil your business objectives without choosing the right framework.

Compare the best-performing framework features with your requirements to pick the best one.  If you are still confused, you can connect with us. We are ready to give you suggestions or guidelines based on your project goals.

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