4 Webpage Testing Tips to Boost Performance

how to test a website

What is Webpage Test? 

Webpage test is the overall analysis of a page of your website. It includes webpage speed, keyword density, webpage visitor, and other factors related to the improvement of your webpage quality.

The regular test of your website is important, as it shows you the issues you need to deal with so that you can improve your webpage quality. 

How to Test Your Webpage?

You know that regular analysis of your webpage is important, but do you know where to test your webpage? There are lots of free websites on the internet where you can test your webpage. 

‘Turbo Reviewer’ is a website where you will find all the necessary tools to test your webpage, including webpage speed checker, keyword density checker, backlink checker, webpage visitors checker, page authority checker, etc. 

To analyze your webpage-

  • Visit https://script12.prothemes.biz/. It is a website named ‘Turbo Reviewer,’ having a solution for your webpage analysis. 
  • You will find a search box on the website where you will have to write your website URL and click ‘Review.’ 
  • A new page will appear, and you will find all the important information you need to analyze and upgrade your webpage. 

Importance of Webpage Test

Webpage test helps you to improve your webpage from different views and perspectives. Such as:

Importance of Webpage Test

1. Webpage Speed

Webpage speed is an essential factor for search engine rank. Because overall webpage speed has an impact on website speed, which is related to visitor’s experience. All the search engines have a priority for users’ experience.

So search engines count webpage speed as an important factor for the users. Every second counts for your webpage loading time, as your website is losing visitors in every second.

A regular webpage speed test helps you to maintain a good webpage loading speed. 

2. Webpage Visitors

Visitors come to your website through social media ads, email marketing, or searching your products on search engines. If you regularly check your webpage visitors, you will get a clear idea about which products or which offers are attracting the visitors most.

You will also have an idea about which platforms you have a strong customer base and in which platforms you need to work more for new customers. It will increase your overall website visitors. 

3. Keyword Consistency

Keyword consistency is a vital part of your webpage test. Suppose you are selling baby products on your website. People search on search engines not only writing baby products.

They may search for writing best baby lotions or best baby toys.

So, make sure you use reliable and popular keywords in your content with consistency so that search engines can easily find your website when someone is searching for something related to your website.

Checking keyword consistency will let you know if you have enough keywords in your webpage content or not. 

4.Backlinks Checking

Backlinks work as a search engine ranking factor. It also helps you to gain your website trust. Having backlinks in your content of other trusted websites and having backlinks of your content on other websites both is important for improving search engine trust rank.

Check your backlinks; try creating backlinks with other websites if you need more. 


A regular webpage test will help you to improve your webpage as well as your website. The improvement of your website will help you to have an advantage over similar types of sites on the internet. Keep your webpage in regular checking and help yourself to grow your website in search engine rank pages.  

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