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how to check your web page authority

What is Page Authority?

Page authority is a term developed by Moz, which indicates how well a particular page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). It shows you the chances of your pages being on the first page of search engine results. Page authority score range is 1-100, just like the domain authority score. 

Why is Page Authority Important? 

Many of you may know that search engines like Google do not use domain authority or page authority as a ranking factor.

Moz developed its own Moz domain authority checker using a logarithmic way to rank a domain in search engine result pages.

You may ask that why you should use a page authority checker or a domain authority checker if these are not factors used by search engines for ranking. The answer is simple.

Search engines do not use these factors to rank, but by using these factors, you can help yourself to rank higher in search engine results.

Page authority score helps you to compare your page with your competitor’s page on the internet. Knowing your page authority score, you can work for improving your page quality to secure a higher rank in SERP. It also increase website trust.

Page Authority Score Measurement

We have mentioned before that page authority score ranges from 1-100. It is hard to tell how much score can be said as a pretty decent score. Whether your score is good or bad entirely depends on your niches and topics.

Another important fact is that depending on your starting score, increasing your score can be so easy or tough. If your starting score is 20, it will be easy for you to improve your score to 30.

But if your score is 60, it will be tough for you to reach 70. Somehow if you reach 75, then your score increasing rate will be very slow. 

How to Check Page Authority? 

Now you know page authority score is vital for your page rank though it is not used by search engines to rank a webpage.

You may come up questioning, “How can I check my page authority?” There is a lot of websites on the internet that will help you to check your page authority. 

Turbo Reviewer’ is a website where you can check your page authority for free.  

For checking your webpage authority:

  1. Visit Turbo Reviewer . You will find a website named Turbo Reviewer. Turbo Reviewer has their page authority checker. 
  2. In this website, you will find a search box containing ‘Type Your Website Address.’ Put your website URL in the search box and click Review. 
  3. You will come to a new page, which will show your page authority score with detailed information. 

How to Improve Page Authority Score? 

How to Improve Page Authority Score? 


1. Creating Links

The best way for improving page authority score is to creating backlinks with other high authority pages. Creating backlinks help you to gain trust and get linked with a high page authority scored webpages.

Spend time in updating backlinks. Search engines count old backlinks less relevant than the new backlinks. 

2. Using Forums

Using top internet forums can help you to improve your authority score. You can use question and answer forums like Reddit or Quora.

You can answer any of the users’ questions related to your webpage and add your webpage link for more in depth explanation. It enables web crawlers to find your website and drives organic traffics on your website. 

3. Creating Fresh Content

Creating content that is unique, informative, and relevant to your website topic attracts people easily.

High-quality content will help you to receive more likes, comments, and shares from your readers. It helps you to create external links easily, as it gets shared by many peoples. 

4. Creating Internal Links

An effective way of improving page authority score is to create internal links. Suppose you have some pages on your website having a high page authority score.

Try to link your targeted pages with the pages having a high authority scores. Make sure you are connecting your webpages according to relevance.

It will increase user experience; visitors will spend more time in your webpages, which will help to improve your page authority. 

5. Removing Malicious Links

Your hard work for improving webpage authority may fail if there is any spam link pointing to your page. Malicious link drops your page authority score. Even you may receive a penalty from Google. 

Factors Changing Page Authority

Page authority may fluctuate depending on various factors. You will always have to keep an eye to see the change in your page authority score. Here are some reasons why page authority changes: 

1. Having Malicious Links

Harmful spamming links pointing at your website plays a role in changing page authority. Pointing by these spamming links creates a bad impression in search engines.

2. Downfall in Content Quality

Content quality matters a lot for page authority, as mentioned above. If your content quality drops, it won’t attract people anymore. Thus your page authority may change. 

3. Containing Old Backlinks

According to search engines, old backlinks are less relevant and useful than the new ones. If you don’t update links of relevant content in your webpages, it may bring a change in page authority.


Maintaining a good page authority score is essential if you are trying to rank your webpage in SERP. Always check for page authority scores and work on increasing your score. If page authority is changed, try to figure out the reasons and work accordingly. 

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