22 Best WordPress Theme for Amazon Affiliate Program

What WordPress Theme Is!

A wordpress theme is a combination of sheets, code, and graphic style that will represent the appearance of your website. You can define a wordpress theme as a group of a file.

A wordpress theme is able to control your website layout and hyperlink color. Besides, it will influence your site advertisement and display presentation as well.

So, choosing an appropriate wordpress theme for your affiliate website is essential. It will help you increase your sales through the presentation of your site.

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Let us introduce you to those fantastic 22 WordPress themes that you can certainly decide to build your affiliate website.

1. Gutentype


Gutentype is the affiliate wordpress theme that is fresh and clean. It is a blog-based page creator wordpress theme that will automatically ensure the visitor’s engagement on your site.

Besides, you can focus on some specific niches to increase your page engagement. For example, this amazon affiliate blog theme is suited to meet inspirational stories and news-jacking topics.

In the present market, touching stories have taken a good place among young readers.  So, to make sure the best use of your website, you must choose the Gutentype wordpress theme.

However, the Gutentype wordpress theme is perfect for the following topics-

  • Freelance Guidelines Blog Post
  • Instructional Blog
  • Funny Blogs
  • Quizzes Post
  • Surveys and Polls

Key Features

  • Pre-Built Pages
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Easy Editing
  • Effortless Customization


  • Guest Post Acceptance

The first reason why you should choose this theme is its Guest-post acceptance trait. It fits the guest-posts blog that will take your site a step ahead readily in the case of familiarity.

  • Social Media Integration

The Gutentype wordpress theme will support you to connect your page with a large number of social media platforms effortlessly. As a result, the number of audiences will automatically be a part of your site.

  • No Boundaries to Sell

This theme site is ready with WooCommerce plugins. Therefore, it will allow you to sell any product through your affiliate website. So, make your go with Gutentype.

2. Blogar

blogar blog magazine wordpress theme

The Blog magazine wordpress theme is the most trendy and premium affiliate wordpress theme to bring the utmost professionalism to your website. However, if you need to present your website as sleek and modern, you have no option other than the Blogger wordpress theme.

Most importantly, this theme is suitable for all kinds of device displays or screen-size. In addition, you will get excellent flexibility in the case of representing your website through Blogger.

However, let’s see the purpose where this theme will suit to-

  • Tour Agencies
  • News Agencies
  • LifeStyle Blog Post
  • Tech or Technology Post

Besides, the Blogger is the result of well-experiment from the expert developers. So, you have nothing to worry about its output.

Key Features

  • Free Lifetime Update
  • 24-Hour Turnaround Support
  • Online Documentation
  • 5+ Header Versions


  • Well-Organized Coding

The developers maintained the coding in a nicely-manner so that you can recognize it easily at your first-time use. So, no trouble you will face while making changes to your site.

  • SEO & SMM Friendly

The Blogger wordpress theme is SEO and SMM friendly. Therefore, it will help you reach digital product marketing strategies and have a high organic traffic rank. 

  • Exclusive User Interface

Its high-quality user interface will deliver your audience a premium level of experience and get them the utmost satisfaction.

3. 1-Page Masonry WordPress Theme

1-Page Masonry WordPress Theme

It is an exclusive wordpress theme with a brilliant design. The latest version of HTML and CSS is the main focus of this theme to choose. You will get a combination of HTML5 and CSS3 with this theme.

Besides, it is suitable for all types of devices, including your PC. In addition, you will not get any boundary to use the theme for. That means it is ready for any niche. So, here, we are not going to mention any specific field.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Live Search
  • Wonderful Review System


  • Stylish Layout

Its Masonry and Grid-style layout will bring a professional and stylish look to your website. Needless to say that the appearance of this wordpress theme will help you get the customer’s attraction for your affiliate products. Also, its layout is well capable of maximizing the gallery efficiency in terms of varying heights.

  • Multi-Column Tag Map

The multi-Column Tag Map system will allow you to customize all your lists alphabetically. For that reason, it will make the visitors find your site at the top of the search list.

  • Live-Search

You will find an additional trait with this wordpress theme, and that is the Live-Search policy. This Live-Search strategy will let the visitors see your page right before finishing their search typing.

4. Blurb- Affiliate Marketing Theme

Blurb- Affiliate Marketing Theme

Your affiliate market website will be much more accessible through the Blurb affiliate theme of wordpress. It is because this amazon affiliate store theme contains the auto functional review and price comparison option.

Besides, this Blurb theme will allow you to create a multi vendor bookstore of your website, product review, social business, etc. In this case, the Blurb wordpress theme will be your fantastic solution towards an auto functional price comparison.

Key Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • SEO Optimized
  • Coupon Integrated
  • Visitor’s Rating Option


  • Product-based Comparison

The Blurb will focus on the product categories to the review, quality, and features to the audience

  • Custom Search Filter

This website theme has an automatic Custom Search Filter option. Therefore, your site will be more automated with a single click of the visitors.

  • Optimal Performance

Needless to say, how performance-optimized this theme site is. It will give you the ultimate results of high performance.

5. Blog Diary

Blog Diary

While you want to get an impressive surfing experience for your audience, you must think of Blog Diary. The professionals consider this business theme the most innovative way to reach the new generation. So you might understand how precise this theme site is.

The Blog Diary is well compatible due to its Gutenberg content editor. However, let’s know for which purposes you can use this fantastic affiliate wordpress theme for-

  • Personal Blog Post
  • Journal
  • Photography
  • Editorial Blog Posts
  • Traveling Blog Posts
  • LifeStyle Blog Posts

Key Features

  • Google Snippets
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Custom Logo
  • Social Sharing


  • Perfect for Bloggers

It is a perfect choice for you to get a ready setup procedure for your blogs. The Blog Diary is designed especially for bloggers who want to use it for their blog posts.

  • Easy to Use

The Blog Diary is easy to use to get a high-quality and well-crafted blog for the writers. Also, it will help to make an extra focus on your content for the other writers or bloggers.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The sidebar, footer widgets, and header will make your site user-friendly. As a result, you can expect many user engagements on your site.

6. DizzyMag WordPress Theme

DizzyMag WordPress Theme

Undoubtedly the DizzyMag WordPress theme is what is called a money maker. Several plugins like WooCommerce and AdSense made this theme site more revenue integrated among the professionals.

Besides, the 140 unique font will help your site give an impressive screen size look. Furthermore, the DizzyMag is compatible with several custom widgets and more than 600 fonts. Therefore, you have a great option to change the font style, family, or size as you want.

You can use this theme for the following purposes-

  • Business Page Website
  • LifeStyle Blog Posts
  • PHOtographic Purposes

Key Features

  • Responsive Adsense
  • SEO Optimized
  • Media Portfolio
  • High Responsive Coding


  • WooCommerce Plugins Compatibility

The WooCommerce presentation made this theme 100% compatible with the advanced feature-based site for the future.

  • Understandable Documentation

You will get well-explained documentation along with the DizzyMag. So, start building your website and take help while stuck in any stage of your updating time.

  • BuddyPress Plugins

You can expect quick monetization due to its BuddyPress plugin existence. The BuddyPress plugins will ensure the high interaction of the audience.  And,  that high interaction of the audience also will ensure the quick monetization of your website.

7. Puva Affiliate Product Review Theme

Puva Affiliate Product Review Theme

The Puva affiliate theme is a creative wordpress theme that contains a variety of homepage layouts. In addition, its RTL responsive trait will make your website compatible with Amazon affiliate plugins.

The Puva wordpress theme is perfect for building your website on affiliate products review. It is because the Puva is the combination of bootstrap4 and Sass.

However, let us introduce you to the specification of this site what you can use this for-

  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Luxury products
  • Fashion and Fitness

Key Features

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Guest User Dashboard
  • Translation Readiness
  • Free Google Font


  • Multi-Language Compatibility

The fantastic feature of this theme site is its multi-language accessibility. As a result, users from any community can access your site’s language and order their preferred products.

  • Customizable Source Code

The developers used all the customizable source code for detailed documentation while preparing this theme. Hence, you can use this wordpress theme based on your ultimate necessity.

  • Exclusive Sidebars

Using all the Puva wordpress theme custom sidebars, you can build your widget area with your own accord. Therefore,  replacing the default sidebar with a single click will be more accessible to your new posts.

8. SiteOrigin Unwind WordPress Theme

SiteOrigin Unwind WordPress Theme

The Unwind theme is one of the modern and creative wordpress affiliate themes that will support you to run a smooth selling project. Needless to say that the professionals consider this affiliate theme a fantastic platform for bloggers.

Its WooCommerce integration will make your site premium to increase visitor engagement. As a result, it is ideal for building an excellent website for your affiliate products business.

However, the following niches will be your best purpose to decide on SiteOrigine Unwind theme-

  • Cosmetics
  • Different Blog Posts
  • Electronics
  • Furniture,etc.

Key Features

  • Four Amazing Header Layouts
  • Five Blog Layouts
  • Jetpack Infinite Scroll
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin


  • Unique Look

In terms of Unwind, you need not think about bringing a unique look to your site. Instead, it will be an automatic process for your website’s gorgeous appearance.

  • All Device-Responsive

Mobile to computer users can easily access your website with the same site view. The application of Bootstrap4 sets this trait so that you can easily set the full-screen search for the visitors.

  • Pre Made Home Page

You can create your layout for different kinds of products based on its thirty pre-made home page layouts. And it is the most popular trait about this Unwind WordPress theme among the users.

9. Gazek Review and Membership Affiliate Theme

Gazek Review and Membership Affiliate Theme

Gazek wordpress theme is an affiliate marketing theme that you can choose for your blog and online magazine sites. This multipurpose affiliate theme will allow you to more than 20 websites of libraries.

Therefore, it will be a great help for you to create your affiliate marketing and multipurpose website. However, areas that can consider for your website are-

  • Gaming Portals
  • Food Blogs
  • Traveling
  • Tech Blogs

Besides, we can say that Gazek will bring you no boundaries for any kind of content to publish. Indeed, you can make your go with Gazek for any blog posts.

Key Features

  • Professional design
  • Powerful Theme Framework
  • Many Custom Shortcodes
  • Fully Responsive Design


  • Social Media Support

The social media integration of the Gazek wordpress theme will help you reach the audience and other popular networks within a short period.

And, due to its social media support, you can quickly get a high ranking of audience retention. And, high audience retention means a quick monetization of your site.

  • Update Version of WordPress Editor

Gazek will allow you to use different blocks in your content regarding its updated wordpress editor feature.  And, this trait will surely make your content more attractive to the reader/ audience.

  • Stylish Homepage

Needless to say, how easy it is to attract visitors while your affiliate marketing website has a stylish look. In this case, Gazek will make sure an elegant homepage automatically for your website.

10. Fury


Fury is an affiliate-friendly wordpress theme to allow you to build a website that is well suitable for blog themes. Once you can import your content, you can access all the post templates for your blog posts or articles.

So, it will allow you to choose a proper template or layout for each content to publish. It is cool!

However, the Fury marketing wordpress theme will bring you the e-commerce frontend solution through Bootstrap4. You can select this affiliate theme for-

  • Blog Posts
  • Online Magazines
  • Fun-Story Post
  • Motivational Blog Post

Key Features

  • Adaptive Images
  • Pre-Made Header Style
  • Mobile Device Optimization
  • Flexible Color Settings


  • Mega Menu Functionality

To its MMF, you can include any meaningful content in the navigation bar. And, it will display the best offers from your site for 24 hours.

  • Animation Trigger Trait

The fantastic advantage of this affiliate marketing theme is its animation trigger trait. That means, if you want to focus on any specific fact among the visitors, you can do it spontaneously.

It means that focused fact will keep moving while the visitors will move their cursor. As a result,  you can easily take the attention of the audience on what you want to.

  • Customizing Unique Layout/ Template

In terms of Fury, you can customize your preferred Template by installing any page builder tool if you want. And, you can use both the paid and free versions.

11. Moderne


Blogging and magazine-type websites will prioritize their dynamic theme design while you decide on a Moderne wordpress marketing theme. This theme site is a combination of customization settings where getting several options to create a stunning blog is pretty straightforward.

However, Moderne is a great option if you want to create content for your affiliate website. It will bring you an outcome while deciding to work with a team of writers.

So, it must clear to you that you can use this Moderne WordPress affiliate marketing theme for –

  • Blog Posts
  • Magazine-Type Website

Key Features

  • Full- Post Layouts
  • Dynamic Width Sidebars
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Flexible Post Sliders


  • Elegant Profile Page

While you build your website through Moderne, each of your registered users will get auto permission to create their profile page. And, that profile page will surely be a stylish, elegant, and modern look to attract visitors.

  • Auto Selection of Your Latest Post

Besides including the author or writer’s details in the profile, the Moderne will automatically have the author’s latest and popular post. And, the users find this helpful theme due to its incredible post-adding feature. It is amazing!

  • Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Another incredible advantage of Moderne is its page builder trait. It will make sure your content looks finicky and whether the readers will find it easy to read.

In this case, you need not pay attention to make your content reader-friendly. And, it will make all these things possible through its Elementor page builder plugin and wordpress editor.

12. Newspread


Content publishing through the Newspread is effortless to use in terms of its customizing tab. As a result, many users accept Newspread as the only option for their site’s well-being.

In the case of Newspread, your content will be visible on the reader’s device screen. And, you can get an excellent loading speed to attain Google SEO algorithm for your site ranking.

Moreover, you will be able to install your Newspread hassle-free in just a few minutes. So, you will certainly love using this affiliate marketing wordpress theme. This wordpress theme site is helpful for the following categories-

  • Newspaper
  • Review
  • Blog Posts
  • Magazine-Type Website

Key Features

  • WooCommerce Support
  • Attractive Social Media Icon
  • Full-Width Page Template
  • Responsive


  • One-Click Demo Data

You can easily install and set everything using its demo data with only a single click. It is super fast to install and use. Besides, you will have an installation video and also detailed documentation. So, you have no option to get stuck and lose time.

  • Yoast SEO Coding

The implementation of its Yoast SEO coding made this affiliate theme clean and compatible. As a result, you will get leading SEO results while running your website based on Newspread.

  • Well Customizable

The customizable layouts of Newspread will let you control the font and color. Here, customizing your website is very accessible.

13. Reviews

The Reviews wordpress theme means an introduction of an automatic system for your affiliate product and service reviews. As a result, your users will get quick feedback regarding the products that they want to buy.

It will help them decide in no time as they get short reviews of other users. However, this Reviews theme will allow you to build several review grades and categorize them into different categories.

Besides, you can add a product rating option to your site. Then, once you have finished publishing the reviews,  the users will get the accessibility to leave their reviews separately.

They also can give a rate on your products.  You can build your website through Reviews wordpress theme focusing all your-

  • Affiliate Marketing Product

Key Features

  • Outstanding Author Review
  • Unlimited Grades
  • Amazing Home Page Sliders
  • Quick Search Results with AJAX


  • Easy Monetization

You can use e-commerce support and generate revenue to monetize your website using an affiliate link. And, later, the Reviews theme will help you increase the sales of your products, which will surely help you go ahead with site monetization.

  • Unique Design

In terms of the Reviews affiliate theme, you will get a unique design to effortlessly get your audience’s attention.

  • Elementor Plugin

This theme will let you create pre-build content and edit if matching your preference will be another exclusive advantage. And, you can do this due to the Elementor plugin of Reviews wordpress theme.

14. Lovecraft


If you wish to build a website for your blog posts as a blogger, Lovecraft will be an excellent wordpress theme for you. In addition, you can get the option to replace your post thumbnail in support of the full-width image.

You can also customize your site logo effortlessly. However, let us tell you the possible niches that you can relate to the Lovecraft website-

  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • News
  • Technology

And, getting monetization through affiliate links or AdSense code for these content will also be much easier. So, if you are a first-time website builder, you can choose this Lovecraft wordpress theme with no confusion.

Above and beyond, you have the option to display your site banner through advertisement areas and widgets as well.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Color
  • Editor Style Support
  • Fantastic Comments Widgets
  • Full-Width Template


  • Drop & Drag Page Builder Tool

Applying the drop & drag page builder tool of the Lovecraft theme will help you bring a smooth and custom look to your website. And, this custom look will make your web page more prominent to visitors.

  • Stylish Frontend Design

The frontend design of Lovecraft will be stylish and modern, where you can make sure a user-friendly dashboard for the users. And, also, it will help you manage your coupon deals nicely.

15. Bou Masonry Review WordPress Theme

Bou Masonry Review WordPress Theme

Bou wordpress theme is a unique and professional theme site that is suitable for any niche. So, if you get confused about which wordpress affiliate theme will match well for your niche, choose this theme site undoubtedly.

This theme is well responsive with HTML5 and CSS3, enabling your web page to be well visible for all types of devices.

Also, this theme combines all the popular tags that will let your visitors find your site hassle-free. Anyway, you can use this theme for the following content sites-

Key Features

  • Google Snippets
  • Tag & Cat Index
  • Translation Readiness
  • Easy Setup including XML File


  • Better for SEO Purpose

While you need to focus on SEO for the betterment of your site, it will give you 100% SEO support.

  • Multi-Column Tag Map

Its multi-column tag map trait will allow you to list your tags alphabetically. As a result, your site will be similar to the index page and increase the SEO ratio.

  • Live Search technique

The most popular trait among the developers is the Live Search technique. It is because the Live Search technique reduces the time consumption of the content seeker. Also, it helps to show your site above the other sites.

16. Lily Affiliate WordPress Theme

Lily Affiliate WordPress Theme

The clean layout & distinctive typography is the main focus while you think about the Lily affiliate wordpress theme. However, if you want to impress your audience, the Lily wordpress theme will be your right choice.

On the other hand, the success of Lily WordPress’ theme lies in terms of its stylish typography, superior blog options, and comprehensive shortcodes.

Furthermore, the layout of Lily is perfectly fit for all kinds of niches like the Boy masonry theme. So, it doesn’t matter the type of blog you want to work for. This elegant theme will be suitable for the following purpose-

  • Blog Posts
  • News
  • Blog-Based Business
  • Art Decorators
  • Studio Designers
  • Media-Agencies

Key Features

  • SEO-Friendly Structure
  • Quality Post Variants
  • Enthusiastic Support Team
  • WPML Support


  • Live Demo

The most famous trait is its live demo, where you can see everything before starting your setting procedures.  Therefore, you have no option to get worried about whether you can make your website setting procedure ideally.

  • Gorgeous Homepage

While you decide on a website, you have to concentrate on its homepage first. A home page is the crucial part of a website that can prolong the visitors’ staying time on your site.

And, building your website through Lily will take your tension away.  So, if you intend to urge the visitors to stay on your website, go for Lily wordpress theme.

  • Quality functionality

You can customize your blogs effectively with the power of the Lily affiliate marketing wordpress theme.

17. Baskerville


Baskerville is an excellent choice while you not only want to display your affiliate products but want to sell them directly from your website.

It is a plethora of platforms for all your affiliate products. You can use this theme to build your website in terms of the following blog posts-

  • Video
  • Quotes
  • Images
  • Blog-Posts

In a word, Baskerville is a sort of showcase where you can easily promote your products.

Key Features

  • Custom Widgets
  • 4+ Template
  • Retina Ready Assets
  • Block Editor Support


  • Flexibility

Baskerville is a flexible theme for you to configure your page using several formats. And it includes a standard blog layout or an online store format which is pretty straightforward to start.

  • Easy to Run

It is hassle-free to add your product reviews and comparisons to your website. This trait will help you gain audience retention for your newly built website.

  • The appliance of Affiliate Plugins

This Baskerville wordpress theme is ready with a variety of affiliate plugins. And, those affiliate plugins will help you use a comparison table and outbound affiliate links while needed.

18. Mercury Affiliate WordPress Theme

Mercury Affiliate WordPress Theme

You need no technical skills to create your website through the  Mercury affiliate marketing theme. Besides, you will get here 4 awesome templates, 26 custom widgets, and 25 custom shortcodes.

Through Mercury, you can earn money online with ease. So, build your quality website using this gambling affiliate theme. You can use your website with Mercury for –

  • Content
  • Blog Posts
  • News
  • Sports

Key Features

  • Modern Design
  • Social Buttons
  • Regular lifetime updates
  • Professional support


  • Bonus Code

Placing your affiliate links and publishing information regarding gifts and bonuses through its coding system will be effortless.

  • Use of Promotional sites

If you think it will be beneficial for your website to use other promotional content, you can promote your products and increase audience engagement.

19. Gamez Affiliate WordPress Theme

Gamez Affiliate WordPress Theme

If you want to build your website with a quickly installing wordpress theme, you should go for Gamez. Its user-friendly interface will bring you several options where you can uniquely display your reviews.

Also, this theme will offer you several video galleries and ad placement that you cannot expect from an ordinary affiliate marketing theme. This theme site is especially famous for –

  • Movies
  • Games

Key Features

  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Font Awesome Support
  • Dedicated Game Reviews
  • Contact Form 7 Integration


  • Gutenberg Readiness

Gamez wordpress theme uses the Gutenberg and updates page builder for an advanced layout and magnificent content presentation. As a result, your website can attract your user’s attention quickly.

  • GDPR Compliant

While building your website using the Gamez wordpress affiliate theme will automatically make sure your users’ privacy. It is a big deal in the case of Gamez why most of the professionals decide on Gamez only because of its GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) mode.

  • Stylish Layouts

Structuring your site more shiny and creative, you will get plenty of layouts. And, you can choose your required one from any of them.

20. Magbook Affiliate WordPress Theme

Magbook Affiliate WordPress Theme

The Magbook wordpress theme will never give you any limitation to use which  means it is suitable for all kinds of websites. It is a clean and flexible theme site that can match any of your site developing requirements. 

The Magbook works super while you build your website for the following niches-

  • News
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Publishing
  • Reviews
  • Blogs

Key Features

  • SEO Optimized
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Install
  • Elegant Layout


  • Documentation

The Magbook will provide you quality documentation for making you help while installing. So, you can take a precise service while in trouble of any kind.

  • Free Update for Life Time

In terms of using this exclusive theme, you will get lifetime website updating support. It is a big deal if you are a beginner.

21. Apemag Affiliate WordPress Theme

Apemag Affiliate WordPress Theme

Apemag affiliate wordpress theme is called one of the modern and stylish themes. It is an excellent way to boost your product and increase your website visitor’s engagement. Besides, you will get a customizable and extensive website framework.

This theme will give your website a  balanced design that is highly essential for your page monetization and improve your Google algorithm. However, this wordpress theme is suitable while you want to build your web page  for-

  • Blog Posts
  • Magazines
  • Online Shops

Key Features

  • Article-Focused
  • Content- Driven
  • Modern Characteristics
  • Fresh and clean


  • Flexible

If you want to change any feature like the background color, Google font, size, etc., you can easily change your website. So, giving a shape according to your choice is not that tough while building your website using Apemag.

  • Uses of Page Builder Plugin

A plugin like WooCommerce is the exclusive tool for this theme to bring variety to your page. In addition, you can customize your web page through both the paid and free versions.

22. Basil WordPress Theme

Basil WordPress Theme

Basil is the most well-responsive wordpress theme for the cooking niches. So, if your passion is to work on cooking niches, take Basil on the top of your list.

Also, while you want to build a fantastic website in affiliate marketing, you must decide on a Basil wordpress theme.

The following are the top-recommended niches while you make your go with Basil-

  • Cooking School
  • Cooking Workshop
  • Cooking Service Agency
  • Food Blogs
  • Chef Blogs

Key Features

  • WP Requirement Base
  • 4 Beautiful Homepages
  • Awesome Instagram Feed
  • Full Woocommerce Store Compatibility


  • Professional Look

To bring a professional look to your cooking product base website, Basil works just fine.

  • Default Layout

You will get all the essential search fields, front, and center in the case of its default layout system. And due to the default layout system, visitors will effortlessly find their desired deals on your website.


You already have read about the 22 best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes to bring you an outstanding solution for your affiliate marketing website. And, the themes that we have selected for you are the best amazon affiliate theme for WordPress.

However, in the present era, affiliate marketing has been taking place in online money-making terms and policies. So, if you are concerned about your affiliate product-based website, you can undoubtedly choose any of the themes that we have mentioned in our content.

Bloggers like you find affiliate marketing the top revenue model for online business. So, make your go for the best amazon affiliate WordPress theme with us today.

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