How to Become a Content Writer: 4 Steps

What is Content Writer

Professional writers who research and create engaging content for use in various websites are known as content writers. They are individuals who surf through the internet to collect necessary information and create blog posts, articles, and various other forms of written materials for publishing on different websites. But how to become a content writer?

Clients provide various topics on different subjects according to their needs to the content writers. Also, the clients provide some guidelines for the topics. Following the topics and guidelines, a content writer research on the internet and gather essential info on the topics. After getting a clear idea about the topics given to him, he starts writing using his unique writing skills.

A content writer is very much responsible for increasing web traffic as well as sales. He works as the main person to explain topics in a clear and effective way. His target is to attract traffics towards the topics or products of the website using his writing skills.

Good content can build brand loyalty and increase product or service sales by sharing relevant and useful information with the target audience. From here you can hire content writers, their content is great and the content writer tries to produce quality written content with facts and information so that the target audience may get attracted.

Quality content is a combination of good writing and thorough research. A qualified content writer always spends adequate time researching the topics he has been given by his clients. Maintaining guidelines of the clients, spending adequate time on research, and using writing skills, a content writer creates professional and extraordinary written content for publishing on the internet. He also gradually improve his writing skills day by day for producing more written content which is attractive and informative at the same time.

How to Become a Content Writer

A professional and quality written content attracts consumers a lot to buy a product or receive a service from a company. That is why content writing is an in-demand profession now. It is high time for you to begin your career as a content writer. If you are not familiar with the steps you will have to go through to become a content writer, you check below:

  1. Write regularly: You cannot deny the fact that regular practice is very much essential for a person to improve any skill. Select any sort of content writing and topic you like and write regularly with care.
  2. Improve linguistic skills: Work on your grammar and vocabulary continuously. Spend some time on improving your linguistic skills every day, which will pay you in the long run.
  3. Generate exciting and relevant ideas: While you are practicing with your selected topics regularly, try to generate ideas that are both exciting and relevant at the same time. Generating new ideas will help you to produce more exciting content over time.
  4. Spend time on research: To become a content writer, you must be a good researcher. Without thorough research, you can never create quality content. Researching on the topic will help you to understand which information you should use to make your content more insightful and authoritative.
  5. Create an online portfolio: After practicing all the steps mentioned above for a while and improving your writing skills, create an online content writing portfolio. A portfolio increases the chance of your getting hired significantly. Also, optimize your professional profiles to create a better impression.
  6. Learn to write project proposals and apply for jobs: A well-furnished project proposal is essential for getting writings from clients. Reach your clients with a neat project proposal using various freelancing websites.

What does a Content Writer Do?

A quality content writer produces professionally written content for different websites. It may seem like an easy task to do. But, in reality, a content writer has to do lots of tasks other than only writing. Let’s have a look at the work a content writer needs to do for quality content:

A good content writer has his own writing skills, and he tries to improve those skills gradually. Using writing skills, he may produce creative and unique written content. But, besides using his own methods of writing, he will also have to follow the requirements of his clients. His clients may have some requirements and guidelines for different topics. As a writer, he has to maintain those guidelines for his clients.

Quality content is very much important to increase web traffic and product sales. A content writer is responsible for explaining a topic clearly and in an actionable way to the targeted consumers. Quality content is both informative and exciting. Research is an important part of creating quality content for a website. Spending adequate time for proper research on a given topic, a content writer produces professionally written content.

Understanding the purpose of the content is a big part of a writer’s job. Written content is a medium of reaching directly towards a particular audience. This particular audience can be anyone, such as potential and current customers, investors, or other stakeholders. A well-written and thoroughly researched content can be wasted work if it does not speak to the targeted audience. That’s why a content writer has to mark the targeted audience according to the topic and has to write accordingly.

Other than the mentioned work above, a content writer may have to do few other things depending on his topics. But, producing well-researched and organized content for the targeted audience is the main part of his job.

How much does a Content Writer Make

how much does a content writer make

It is really hard to put a specific amount on a content writer’s income. You can never tell exactly that how much a content writer makes. Even, sometimes a content writer himself doesn’t know that how much he is going to make in this month or that month. The amount of income for a content writer varies on different facts such as:

  • Payment type: Most of the content writers receive payment on the basis of two different parameters, e.g., word count and the number of working hours. Word count means the writer would get paid depending on the number of words his clients require regularly. On the other hand, pay per hour means the writer will have to appoint himself for a certain number of hours on a particular project. After the work is done, he will get paid for each hour he spends working on the project. Depending on different conditions, the income fluctuates both for word count and working hours.
  • Experience: Experience is something that you will always need to receive a standard amount of payment in any work. The more projects you will be assigned, the more experience you will gain for improving your writing skills. Your prices will rise based on your experience gradually.
  • Your clients: You will have to select clients carefully before you start working with them. Corporates will always pay more than any local company. You need to make some decisions about with whom you are going to work or with whom you are not. But, a diversified mixing of clients is a good thing. Government agencies and trade associations often come with a large budget for efficient writers.
  • Via communication with clients: Working directly with a client is always much more profitable than going through an agency or website. Third parties take a large amount of money as their service charge. But, it is actually tough to receive work directly from the clients.
  • Negotiation skills:  A content writer’s earnings depend a lot on his negotiation skills. With good negotiation skills, you can ask for higher rates in different projects. 

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