5 Strategies to Promote Your Blog on Quora

how to promote blog on quora
Blogging is fun, right? Yes, it is fun when a lot of people visit your blog, follow you, subscribe to your newsletters, and help you spread your blog by sharing your content.

On the other hand, if you merely see any traffic to your blog, this is no fun. You don’t want your time and other investments on your blog to go in vain.

So, you need to promote it actively to reach your target audience. Remember, you’re the person who loves your blog the most.

That’s why you need to put the first effort into reaching the target audience. 

Promoting blogs through social media platforms is not new. The most common strategy is to answer commonly asked questions in a blog post and share that on social media with the people looking for it. 

A lot of people ask questions in Quora. So, you have a scope to drive traffic to your blog from this platform.

Here I’m sharing 5 tips how to promote your blog with Quora. 

5 Tips How to Promote Your Blog with Quora: Works Definitely

Tips to Promote Your Blog with Quora


1. Create a Complete Profile

People trust Quora profiles that have all the information about the person behind them. So, you need to make sure that your personal profile is complete.

Don’t leave any information blank. Doing such won’t build trust in your profile. 

So, complete your bio, click on the topics you have an idea about, fill up information like address and education, tell your work history, add social media accounts, and upload a neat and recognizable profile picture.  

A complete profile creates trust that allows people to depend on you. If this happens, people would love to visit your blogs, which is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Incomplete profiles are not trusted by most Quora users. You’ll trust someone you know well more than a person you don’t know. The same thing happens here. 

2. Pick the Right Topics

Quora has more than 300 topics to search from. So, invest some time and pick up 10 topics that are related to your niche- directly or indirectly.

Quora will show you questions on these topics. Picking the right topic allows you to know what people are asking about, the trends, and the types of questions people ask.

Also, check the answered questions to know what type of answers people love to have. This will help you to design your answers later. 

Picking the right topic is also helpful in being on the right track. 

3. Explore Other Answers and Follow People

You need to create a circle around you. For this, follow other people who have an interest in the same topics.

This would help you to know more about the niche and grow a circle. You can see, react, and interact with people easily when you follow them.

Such interaction builds up your circle easily. Also, don’t forget to check answers from other users. Doing such would help you to gather more ideas about your niche.

Also, you can find the gaps in the answers and fill them by sharing your own ideas. Correcting mistakes will make you more trustworthy to people. 

You must stay active on this platform to get the best out of it. If you’re not actively participating in the discussions, you can’t build trust. 

4. Post Questions Too

Don’t just look for the scope to write an answer. To stay active and build trust, you’ll have to ask questions too.

So, ask Quora questions if you have any. Even if you don’t have any questions, make a question and ask it. 

Besides ensuring trustworthiness, asking questions will help you to get rid of confusion. Also, if you find any helpful answer, that can be the next topic of your blog. 

Asking questions is beneficial to ensure your trustworthiness to the Quora admin too. However, don’t ask questions too frequently. This would have a negative impact on the image you’re trying to create. 

As you own a blog, I guess you have enough idea about the niche. So, don’t ask dumb questions. 

5. Don’t Add Links to Each Answer

Yes, you’re on Quora to let people know about your blog. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to keep spamming.

This platform provides the scope of paid marketing. So, Quora authority won’t allow spamming around. 

If you add links to your website to every answer, this would be counted as suspicious, and you might be flagged or banned on this platform. You don’t want to face such a situation, right?

To avoid such a situation, add links wisely. I suggest inserting one link in every 4-5 answers. Doing such would help you to stay safe. 

Also, besides your blog links, sometimes add links to other blogs too. Doing such would ensure Quora authority that you’re providing quality instead of spamming. 

And don’t forget to put rational answers that make sense. 

Additional Tip: Focus on Your Writing Skill

As you own a blog, your writing skill should be top-notch that attracts people. Otherwise, you can’t grab traffic to your website. 

Improving your writing skill would also help you to create your follower base in Quora. Almost 70% of Quora users have a college degree.

To reach them and grab their attention, you must come up with nicely tailored answers.  Also, try to add facts and statistics to your answers. People love to believe statistics.

So, do a bit more research to find a few statistics that go with your answer. Doing this would help you a lot to gain more attention. 

Why Quora to Promote Blog?

If you want to know the reasons to use Quora to promote a blog, I can tell you a lot. But here I’m sharing only a few reasons we should use Quora to promote a blog or website. 

  • Quora has 300 million monthly users. If only 0.1% of this amount is related to your niche, you’ll reach a lot through free marketing. 
  • This platform allows you to create an expert profile by helping others. You can easily get a lot of followers that you can use later to drive to your website. No other platform allows such scope. 
  • In Quora, you can directly answer questions about or related to your business, website, or anything else. Also, you can link your website on your profile here on topic-focused boards. 
  • Quora allows you to generate and drive educated traffic to your website. No other platform allows such scope.
  • In Quora, you have the scope to know the exact questions people are asking and design your answer based on that. 
  • Surfing through Quora allows you to have topics for your blog posts. 

Final Verdict

Quora is a platform with many benefits for the ones who what to promote their blog. So, you can utilize it. 

However, to get the best out of it, you must put in your best effort. This may seem a bit complex, but you’ll see the fun once you start.

Helping people by answering their questions is a different satisfaction. Promoting your blog while enjoying such satisfaction is great.  All you need to do is be careful so that things don’t look like spam. 

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