8 Free WordPress Themes for Charities and Foundations

Best Free Charity WordPress Themes
You are here to know about website-creating procedures means you are already aware of the significance of a quality website. A well-organized and eye-catchy website indicates a lot to the visitors. However, there are 8 Best Free Charity WordPress Themes that we will introduce to you today.

A few years back also, it was tough to think of creating a website on your own. But, technological advancement has improved your website-making job one step ahead. Yes, you are right! We are talking about WordPress that brought an unlimited opportunity to utilize your creativity all in all.

So, let us introduce you to those eight outstanding and the best charity WordPress themes.

1. NGO Charity Fundraising

The NGO Charity Fundraising is an SEO-friendly theme of WordPress that is well suitable while you need a child theme website. It is a Bizberg WordPress theme. You will get it responsive and cross-browser compatible as well.

And, it will be too easy for you to build a professional website using the NGO Charity Fundraising theme. This feature-snipped supportive theme will meet all the needs that a newly created website requires.

However, Bootstrap is a widespread tool to make a handy website, which we all know very well.

And, this theme tool will let you design your site according to your unique creativity in terms of its Bootstrap presence. You can easily add images, texts, and any other necessary info that you need to include to your website. Just Imagine!

So, if you need to build a website in a bit of time, NGO Charity Fundraising is the handy way to do so. And this Bootstrap tool is available through NGO Charity Fundraising WordPress Theme.

Let’s see what features you will have while belonging to this theme.


  • Compatible
  • High-SEO Aspect
  • Gorgeous Layout
  • Easy Coding
  • Custom Menu

Best Outcomes

  • Device Friendly

The NGO Charity Fundraising WordPress theme is suitable for all kinds of devices. It will create a unique look for mobile users to laptop users.

  •  Image Adjustments

Images that you will use for your website are effortless to resize to bring a gorgeous look.

  • Easy to Use

While you look for a DIY website template, you can choose this NGO Charity Fundraising WordPress Theme. It is a beautiful theme to start your website, we recognize.

2. Benevolent

Benevolent wordpress theme

The purpose of the Benevolent Theme is quite different from the NGO Charity Fundraising Theme. While you are thinking of creating a website to deal with your business, we recommend choosing the Benevolent Theme.


  • Call to Action Button
  • Advance Community Section
  • Stats-Counter
  • Secure
  • SEO Responsive Coding
  • CTA
  • Responsive Design

This versatile theme is ready to help you bring a business layout with perfect design. The Benevolent Theme is perfectly suitable for five types of website purposes. So, let’s see what they are-

  1. Business Platform
  2. Digital Agency
  3. Freelancers Website
  4. Bloggers Website
  5. Consultancy Agency

Professionals consider this theme the best because of its full-width sliders and custom widgets. The Full-Width Sliders and custom widgets will make your posts easier to build a great website. Moreover, using this theme, you will get speed checking and Search Engine Optimization readily available.

Best Outcomes

  • Responsive

Benevolent WordPress Theme is ready to adjust automatically with a variety of screen sizes. And, it especially brings the best navigation for devices like- mobile or tablet.

  • SEO Optimization

To rank your website using this Benevolent Theme is much easier.

  • Banner Approach

You can easily create your site banner to guide the audience/visitor to the page they want to go through. And, you can do it using the Call-to-Action Button.

So, while the professionals choose this theme to get an interactive feel, why don’t you?

3. NGO Charity Lite

NGO Charity Lite wordpress themes

If you want to create your website for any non-profit charity care organization that means a fundraising activity, NGO Charity Lite Theme will be the best choice for you.

Also, this theme is in the high choice of the users to write their blog posts for content marketing. You can readily welcome the onboard donors through the brilliant appearance of this theme.

Besides, it is discreet and effortless to build your website to create an outstanding gaze for visitors. With this WordPress theme, you will get complete technical stuff to design your site.


  • Quality Commented Code
  • Visitors Responsive
  • Translation Ready

Best Outcomes

  • High-Speed Approach

This theme will give you the high-speed experience to run your website quickly and smoothly.

  • Powerful for Non-Government Org

The NGO Charity Lite Theme plays a crucial role in a non-profit and non-government organization. It is because this theme meets such fields for charitable organizations.

  • Media Integration

The NGO Charity Lite will help you keep your visitors/audience connected to your website precisely.

Most importantly, the plan of this theme using custom CSS can easily attract any visitor through its fantastic design.

4. Charity Fundraiser

Charity Fundraiser wordpress theme

You might understand the specification of this charity WordPress theme after hearing its name already. Yes, it is a perfect definition for the website that intends to raise funds.

Its excellent Elementor page builder will allow you to increase the possible potentiality. Moreover, you will get all the functions of this theme by default that will be easier for you to go through.

However, while you get yourself ready to make your website without coding hassle, you need to select the Charity Fundraise WordPress Theme. Furthermore, it will let you stylishly post your content through your Instagram. It is cool!


  • Appropriate Plugins
  • High Cross-Browser Direction
  • Strong Live Demo
  • User-Friendly Interface

Best Outcomes

  • Convenient Screen Size

While you use this theme to create your website, you have no headache thinking about the display size for different device screens. It will automatically bring a neat appearance while concern about the device of all kinds.

  • SEO-Fact

The Charity Fundraiser WordPress Theme works through modern SEO to maintain the web ranking of your website. It will cover all your SEO factors to help you rank the website as trouble-free as possible.

  • iCon Reach-ability

The outstanding matter is that you will get it already customizable to design your website as you want. Its theme-iCon is wholly able to reach many visitors in a minimum time.

5. TS Charity

TS Charity wordpress theme

We will now introduce you to another notable WordPress theme, and it is TS Charity Theme. Like the NGO Charity Lite Theme, this one is also well suitable to make your non-profitable website also if want to know about paid themes, you can check it from here.

Its translation support and shareable theme features will help you reach your content to visitors rapidly.

If your crucial purpose is to raise donations, the TS Charity WordPress theme will help your streamline with ease.

Nonetheless, ten essential types of websites are suitable for this theme. Let’s see what that are-

  1. Environmental NGO
  2. Different Charity Foundation
  3. Charity-Trust
  4. Blood Donation Camp
  5. Hunger Index
  6. Welfare-Activities
  7. Children Welfare NGO
  8. Disaster Relief
  9. Women Right Organization
  10. Old-Home

If you want to create your website for any of the above, you can undoubtedly choose the TS Charity WordPress Theme.


  • Compatible
  • Excellent display for all devices
  • Responsive
  • Easy to Begin

Best Outcomes

  • Slider-Approach

You can easily present your posts through sleek sliders to show off the images to the audience attractively.

  • Easy to Reach Featured-Snipped

Winning featured snippets is not that easy. But, the TS charity theme will help you reach the featured-snipped critically based on its unique design.

  • Easy to Divert Traffic

It is straightforward to divert site traffic towards the preferred page.

So, while you have to build your website for any of that missionary premise, you can easily download this TS Charity WordPress Theme. Don’t be late!

6. Charity Help Lite

Charity Help Lite wordpress theme

While you look for a user-friendly free WordPress Theme, we urge you to decide on Charity Help Lite Theme. This free charity WordPress theme will give you a simple but professional look.

In addition, most of the users like to use this WordPress Theme due to its easy setting procedures. You can consider these easy setting procedures as their uniqueness.

It is an excellent suit to any non-profitable org website. Let us help you understand when exactly you can use this theme. Although this theme is suitable for all kinds of non-profitable websites, there are still four specific missions to use. And, these are-

  1. Charity Community
  2. NGO Club
  3. Churches Missionary
  4. Political Organization

However, it will be a highly well-optimized theme for the mobile user’s visitors to your website. Its custom logo, background, editor styles made it outstanding to have a professional look.


  • Attractive Design
  • Regular Updates
  • Easy to Use
  • SEO Friendly

Best Outcomes

  • Powerful Theme Elements

Its specific design elements will help you boost your content to the targeted audience. Also, its homepage section will work very well for your website awareness.

  • Support Different Blog Posts

You will get outstanding support to post different types of content like- video, images, cotes, etc. So, we can guarantee you that you will love its flexibility.

  • Wonderful Layout

It has a beautiful layout to present your posts beautifully among the visitors. Thus, while you use Charity Help Lite WordPress Theme, you don’t have to think about your blog post appearance.

7. SKT Charity Care Theme

SKT Charity Care Theme

The SKT Charity Theme is the most high-responsive WordPress Theme to manage your site precisely. You will find the uniqueness of this free charity theme site while using its Intuitive-Live–Customizer, this can be use in charity organizations.

Through its Intuitive-Live–Customizer, you will be able to change the theme with Real-Time previews easily. SKT Charity Theme is the key to make sure your website has the fastest mode in terms of the latest codex requirements of WordPress. The constructive plugins like-WooCommerce, Contact Form7, NextGen Gallery are its main elements. Therefore, we found no doubt about its compatibility.

Furthermore, the documentation of SKT Charity will help you get immediate support while you are in trouble.


  • Translation Ready
  • Completely Responsive
  • Well-Coded

Best Outcomes

  • Stats Counter

SKT Charity Theme will let you display your projects through a visually engaging Stats counter.

  • Website Manageability

This theme is readily available to manage the widgets on the website based on your desired design.

  • Reliable Commented Code

The reliable commented code of SKT Charity will help you customize your site effortlessly.

8. Posterity Dark

Posterity Dark wordpress therme

When you need to make a quick awareness, you need to deal with the Posterity Dark WordPress Theme. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can use this spontaneously to build a powerful website.

All the professionals choose this theme due to its colossal advantage of page canvas. The slider and social media button are their unique traits to make your website significant.

Also, the professionals find this WordPress theme outstanding because of its volunteer form, on scroll content load, and the contact page through Google Maps.


  • Footer-Widgets
  • SEO-Ready
  • Attractive Layout
  • Testimonial

Best Outcomes

Let’s see what outcomes this theme will bring you to create a precious website.

  • Flexibility

Using the Posterity Dark WordPress Theme, you can create your website with your creativity. You have the option to change the background, logo, header/footer, color, and whatever you want while using this theme.

  • Layout Appearance

It is available to give two different looks for your two different site sections. For example- its shed will bring your site a classic look while you will get a modern look through its boundaries.

  • Speedy Approach

Needless to say, while you work through a slow website, it will drop out the number of visitors from your site. In this case, Posterity Dark Theme is ready to give you an optimum and quick load experience. And it will not let your site drop out.

So this is all about the Posterity Dark Theme.

It is painstakingly hard to create a website because you have to consider many facts to rank your site on Google. So, to decrease your hazard, we have introduced 8 Best Free Charity WordPress Themes.

These eight free charity WordPress themes are SEO friendly, where you don’t have to pay attention to SEO. We hope you would like to build your webpage using any of these themes. All the best for your go!

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