Why Use React.js for Your Web Development Project?

What is React JS

It is a fantastic Javascript Library that builds smooth, responsive, user-friendly and faster web applications. It is also an open-source front-end framework that makes developments easy. 

Jordan walke is the creator of this helpful framework. And now it is an important part of the web application. Because it will rectify your web application look and take the entire control of the outlook of your application. 

What is the use of react js?

React Js is used to build user interfaces, especially for single-page applications. It maintains the view layer of web and mobile apps. React Js is the best solution to make your web and mobile application’s user interface attractive and responsive.

Why do we use React JS?

Now the question is why we use React Js instead of other frameworks. As many alternatives to open source applications are available to build web applications, it is natural to raise the question. Let’s explore some benefits of React JS over other technologies.

  • Simplicity

React JS is simpler than any other front-end library. It introduces a component-based system. By using simple Javascript, you can make high-quality web applications. React comes with its own syntax called JSX that allows you to combine HTML with Javascript. It makes development much easier and faster.

  • Learning Curve

Another excellent part of React JS is it’s an easy learning curve. If you don’t have any programming knowledge yet, React Js takes a little time to learn. It’s easy to start with React JS. You need only to learn the basics of CSS and HTML to use React JS. But in another framework such as Angular, Ember the learning curve is steep.

  • Native Approach

React is not only building web applications but is capable of making mobile applications. Besides, React allows reusing code that saves time and makes coding simpler. So it is a 3 in 1 package that can build iOS, Android and web apps to meet versatile needs.

  • Data Binding

React brings Flux systems with one-way data-binding to manage the data flow to individual components through a particular control point. As a result, the code becomes easy to debug, yet it’s a complex application. You can even debug faster using Chrome extension.

The above benefits are more than enough to justify why you use React JS over any other framework.

React Js Features

Have a look at some essential features of React.

  • JSX

JSX is an amazing syntax extension system of Javascript. It is basically used to represent what will display in the user interfaces. JSX allows mixing HTML and Javascript to write simple code. As a result, you can easily debug the code and avoid the difficult javascript structure in React.

  • Virtual Dom

React brings a virtual Dom to improve user interface performance. Manipulating virtual DOM is faster than other DOM. During changing any object state, Virtual DOM only changes the particular object instead of updating all the objects.  It improves your site performance and makes it smooth. 

  • React Native

React comes with native libraries that were first introduced in 2015. It provides React architecture in native platforms such as Android, and iOS.

React Native is a great update of React Js that builds mobile apps. It uses the same technique to design mobile interfaces. React native is enriched with different libraries to make the user interface interactive. 

The fundamental building blocks of React remain the same. You will be glad to know that react allows components that are written in different languages such as Java, C, or Swift.

What react js can do?

In developing web and mobile applications, you need to create a UI that includes on-screen menus, search bars, buttons, etc., that interacts with users. React is a tool that helps developers to create interactive and responsive UI.

It also comes with reusable library code to save development time and makes designing easy. So react basically makes your user interface appealing and reduces developing time.

Where react js is used

React JS should be used in developing user interfaces where uniqueness is the key criterion. Also, React JS is suitable for interactive, responsive and single-page web and mobile applications. 

The popular social platform Facebook developed and used React. But as it’s an open-source application, different company’s use React.

Here we are discussing some project areas where React Js should be used.

Dashboards or Visualization tools

React is a marvelous choice for making a dashboard or visualizing type tools. This type of website has the emergency to represent the data in the finest format to the end-user to understand it clearly. Especially in machine learning applications, data representation is the key.

React comes with built-in dashboard templates to make your task faster. But licenses for using those templates are a bit expensive. Unfortunately, templates are overweight and integrating them with your web application is not a good decision.

You can develop your own dashboard using different React developments tools such as Airframe React, Ant, design, etc.  

Let’s discuss why React is ideal for building interactive and heavy -data dashboards. 

  • Reusability

React is the only library that allows you to build self-contained, reusable components to make your code faster and organized. If you like any components of a particular dashboard, react allows you to use it anywhere with no additional coding.

  • Efficiency

A dashboard or data visualization screen requires real-time updates. For example, data charts and notifications need to update continuously on the screen.

React comes with Virtual DOM that makes the real-time update process effective and efficient. It helps to re-render data faster to display it on the screen. Simply flow data through API. React will manage it optimally to deliver complex dashboards. That application that requires heavy data lifting must use React. 

  • Quick Rendering

The dashboard is sometimes used as the client site’s SPA. When the load or traffic of the site is increasing, other frameworks fail to handle the load. But React can load content from the server during high load within 3-5 seconds.

React js job salary

As a developer React JS is a very good choice to learn because it offers an easy learning curve with great functionality. But the question is whether a React JS job salary is satisfactory for you or not?  If the React JS job salary is not good enough, then it won’t be a good decision for a developer to focus only on React JS. 

The average reacts Js developer salary is nearly $80,000-$100,000 yearly in the USA.  If you find it satisfactory, then learn React JS. It helps to build your career in the web development field. 

Where to find a React JS job?

If you have proper skills, then finding a React JS job is not difficult. But the React job is not only about writing code. It requires something more. Obviously, having React JS knowledge is a great advantage for finding a React JS job. But when you face an interview, some extra skill is also essential.

Here are some tips for finding a React JS Job.

  • Write a brief of your skill.
  • Make a good CV with proper information.
  • Improve your communication and social skills.
  • Learn technical skills such as PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Also, front-end developers should learn testing, design skills, API design, etc.
  • Finally, check LinkedIn, Upwork to find React Js job circulars and submit your CV.

Prepare for the interview and keep confidence during attending the interview. If you follow the tips, then it won’t be tough to manage React JS Job.

Cons of React JS

  • Poor documentation. Lack of official resources to cope up with continuous update technology.
  • React updates the method continuously. As a result, developers need to adopt new skills to cope up with the time-consuming change.
  • React is only for making View parts. You need to use other technology to complete the project development.

Final Thought

React Js is specially designed to make your project responsive and interactive. Especially when your project requires components reusability, interactive user interface with fantastic animations, then there is no better choice than React JS.

React brings a large UI library to create different projects such as small, medium, or large. From entrepreneurs to big organizations can choose React JS to build their sites. 

Different types of organizations rely on React for its robust features and performance. In this article, we explain crucially why use react Js is beneficial. We hope this article will help to choose the right framework for making the next project.

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