4 Quora Strategies: Drive Traffic to Landing Page

How To Drive Traffic To Your Landing page from Quora?
Marketing your brand helps you to let more people know about it. It is the process to bring people to your landing page too. But this job is not easy at all. 

Marketers always look for possibilities to drive traffic to the website. That’s why social media marketing is one of the most used tricks in this field. And, in this era of social media, nothing can be ignored. 

Quora is a great platform for social media marketing as it comes with a load of high-quality traffic. If you can use the right tricks, you’ll get better output from this platform compared to any other social media platform

If you’re looking for some tips on Quora marketing, try these tricks while marketing your brand on Quora to drive landing page traffic. But before that, let’s learn a bit about Quora. 

What is Quora? And Why?

Quora is a knowledge-sharing social media platform that allows users to ask questions on any topic while other users answer those questions.

You might find many other such knowledge-sharing platforms, but none of them is as big, active, and effective as Quora. 

Want to know the reasons to use this platform for marketing? Here are the top 4 reasons. 

1. Quora offers fast results. As soon as you post valuable answers to questions, you’ll see people responding to them.

In case you insert a link, you can track instant visits from this platform. It has made Quora marketing more favorable to marketers. 

2. Quora has active and educated traffic. You’ll see people always active on this platform no matter which topic you check. More than 80% of Quora’s questions are evergreen.

So, a good answer will bring you traffic for a long time. You need to focus on another thing- more than two-thirds of Quora users have a degree. 

3. Quora allows you to use multiple options. Besides of writing texts, you can answer to the questions using images, videos, and external links. No other Q&A platform offers such an opportunity. 

4. Quora has unbelievable traffic. More than 300 million people use Quora every month. You won’t get such huge traffic in any other Q&A platform. 

Marketing Your Brand on Quora to Drive Landing Page Traffic

You would have to follow some simple rules to get traffic from Quora. If you don’t offer some benefit to the platform, you can’t get benefitted from it. 

promote your business get traffic from quora

1. Creating the Profile

i. Complete Your Profile

Don’t forget to complete your profile on Quora. To gain the trust of the users, you would have to present yourself as a person, not a business.

So, put your full name, provide an address, add experiences and expertise, and fill up other information properly. 

Doing this would help you to have a better profile. 

ii. Add Profile Picture

You must add a decent profile picture to your Quora Profile. This would build trust in people by creating a sense of knowing the person. 

While choosing your profile picture, make sure that your face is recognizable. 

iii. Add Relevant Links

It is not mandatory to provide links to your other social media platforms. But if you do this, the credibility of your Quora profile increases. 

While adding your social media links, put the landing page link of your business website too. 

2. Answering Questions

i. Picking the Right Topic

You’ll find many topics related to your business. But all are not the right topics. You can tap into the small opportunities, but first, pick the topics that have many followers. 

Know how to search topics and sub-topics in Quora and learn to check the followers. Try to focus on the topics that come with a large number of followers. 

ii. Answering the Right Question

Quora has a lot of questions. You don’t have to answer them all. You can explore them, but answer questions related to your niche. 

While choosing a question to answer, ensure you know the correct answer. Don’t provide wrong information just for the sake of answering. Making such mistakes would result in something negative. 

iii. Don’t Leave Answered Questions

You’ll find many questions that are already answered. Don’t leave them. 

Instead of depending on an answer, people love to explore more. So, you still have the scope in the answered questions. 

Check the answers to the question and come up with a better one. This will help your answer to come up on the top soon. 

iv. Answer the Questions Ranked on Google

Quora has a lot of questions ranked on Google. You can take advantage of this. By answering such questions, you’ll get traffic from both Google and Quora. 

Search questions relevant to your niche on Google. If you find Quora questions ranking on the first page, move to Quora and answer those questions. This is a helpful trick, indeed. 

3. Writing an Answer

i. Provide Correct Information

Make sure that you’re providing the correct information only. It is very important to increase the credibility of your Quora account. If required, take help from other sources to verify the information you’re giving. 

Don’t provide wrong information if you want people to follow you on Quora and move to your suggested links. 

ii. Add Images

Adding images to your answers lets people know you’ve put enough effort into answering their questions.

Also, it enhances the credibility of the answer. Adding relevant images help people to understand the answer better.

That’s why you should try using relevant images with your Quora answers. 

Images can be found on Google or stock websites. Search those sources for copyright-free images. 

iii. Add Links

Don’t forget to add relevant links to your answers. You can add links from other websites too.

Doing such would allow the visitors to know more about your answer or be sure about the source from which you’re providing the answer. 

Adding links to all answers is not a must. But don’t miss the chance to add links to relevant places. 

iv. Maintain a Friendly Tone

Maintaining a friendly tone while answering to questions makes people understand that you’re real and genuinely concerned about providing an answer.

So, while writing an answer on Quora, keep in mind that you’re not the teacher here. Instead, you’re a friend who is answering to another friend’s questions.

Writing in a friendly tone helps you to get more followers easily, as people find it fun and easy to read your answers. 

Keep things simple, short, and easy to read.

4. Things You Should Avoid

i. Don’t Spam

Spamming around Quora is not accepted by the authority. So, you’ll be flagged or banned from this platform if you keep adding your website link to your answers. 

To stay safe, you can put a link to your website after 4-5 answers. Doing such would help you to stay safe from Quora authority.

ii. Not Asking Questions

Remember, a good Quora user both asks and answers on this platform. So, don’t just keep answering. If you have any questions, ask them in Quora. If you don’t have any questions, you should still ask questions sometimes. 

Doing such confirms that you’re here to add and get value. If you keep answering only, the authority can mark it as suspicious activity. 

Final Verdict

Quora is a great platform to market your brand, only if you can do it carefully. There are several dos and don’ts about Quora you need to keep in mind. The tricks above would definitely help you in promoting your website on this platform and get traffic to your landing page. Try them and see the result. 

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