7 Steps to Master Quora Marketing for Massive Traffic Boost

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Marketing nowadays is more dynamic. There are a lot of scopes to utilize the resources and platforms available on the internet.

To become an efficient marketer, you need to understand the opportunities you can put an effort to get the best result. 

Social media are the best platforms to utilize for both free and paid marketing. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on social media platforms to kill their leisure time.

So, utilizing such platforms to promote your blog or business is what you should focus on. 

Quora is such a social media platform that offers a huge opportunity to marketers to move traffic to their websites. Putting effort efficiently can result in thousands of leads per month.

Here in this article, I’ll be sharing how to get massive traffic from Quora to your website. 

This might be a long article. Stay with me. 

What is Quora?

Quora is the biggest question-answer platform on the internet, having more than 300 million unique traffic per month. The number of active monthly users is 186 million. 

In Quora, people ask questions about anything they want to know. Other users with expertise in that field provide answers to the questions asked. Better answers are upvoted and liked by the users. 

Thus, Quora allows bloggers and marketers to promote their websites while answering the questions asked by other users. 

But this is not the only reason you should go for Quora to generate traffic to your website. Let’s discuss more. 

Why Quora for Marketing and Generating Traffic?

The question-and-answer structure of Quora allows you to suggest your website to a lot of people and drive them to your website. But this is only a reason to use this platform to generate traffic. Let’s check others. 

Why Quora for Marketing and Generating Traffic

1. You can drive traffic completely free

Quora allows you to take thousands of leads to your website for free. However, you need to put effort into this. If you don’t add value to this platform, it won’t allow you to get value from it. 

By answering the questions people ask regularly, you can increase your trust score on Quora.

People will visit your suggested website only when they trust you. So, put some effort into this platform, and you can drive traffic to your website without spending any bucks. 

2. Quora questions are found on search engines too

Many Quora questions have ranked on search engine results too. So, when you offer a good answer to the questions, traffic from search engines visits Quora first, and then they go to your website.

Thus, besides the Quora traffic, you get search engine traffic too. Not many social media offer search engine presence like Quora. 

3. You can target more specifically

Quora allows you to focus more specifically on your target. While answering a question, you can check the person who has asked it.

Thus, you can know about the targeted traffic more precisely and generate the answer based on that to drive them to your website. 

4. More educated traffic

You won’t find any other source that offers educated traffic as Quora. Most of the users of this platform have a degree.

Also, more than 35% of Quora traffic holds a managerial position in companies. 

Quora can be the best option if you’re looking for high-quality leads for your blogging or business website. 

5. More and more content ideas

Quora is literally a huge source of content ideas. People asking questions related to your niche are the things in which people are interested. Generating blog posts or e-books on those topics would help you to get better attention. 

Do you know what’s more you can do? After writing a blog post and publishing it, you can put the link as an answer to the question asked on Quora. 

You can also get content ideas from the answers given by others. So, don’t overlook answers from others. 

6. Quora allows you to use videos and images too

Besides text answers, Quora allows you to add videos, images, quotes, links, and social media handles to the answers. Thus, you can share your e-books, infographics, video tutorials, and many other resources directly via Quora. 

This would help you to capture the attention of niche-related people and build trust. 

7. Quora helps you to capture the trend easily

People search for recent trends on Quora. For example- during the covid-19 lockdown, the most searched keywords on Quora were about working from Home. 

So, if you carefully check the questions asked on Quora recently, you can get the topics people are interested in nowadays.

Thus, you can find the recent trend and create blog posts about them to gather more leads from different sources. 

How to Get Massive Traffic from Quora?

Getting traffic from Quora is not something you can do within a day. You would have to put effort into each part of it to enjoy the result.

How to Get Massive Traffic from Quora

So, you need to be careful no matter what you’re doing- opening the account, designing your profile, answering questions, or putting your link. 

Let’s see how you can get traffic to your website from Quora. 

Pick the Right Interests

At the time of opening an account, Quora asks you to pick 10 interests. As you’re focused on driving traffic to your website, you must pick the interests that match your niche. 

Quora shows you questions related to the interests you pick. So, click on the interests related to the niche to get the exact questions to answer. 

Add a Killer Bio

Bio helps people to know more about you. So, it should be something that attracts people by increasing their curiosity about you. The bio should reflect your interest and expertise in the niche. 

I suggest going for a fun bio instead of keeping it serious. Don’t make the bio too long or too short. Something having around 100-140 words would be okay.

However, if you need more words to portray your expertise, go for it. In such cases, write in short paragraphs instead of using 1 or 2 paragraphs only. 

Complete the profile with All the Information

Before following someone, peoples have a question in mind about the credibility of the person. The more information you provide, the more people like to follow you. So, you need to provide all the information needed to complete your profile.

Present yourself by putting enough effort into Quora. This would help you to build trust. 

So, fill up your education, employment history, and other credentials and highlights.

Add a Profile Picture

Adding a profile picture is a must, at least in the primary stage of gathering followers. People don’t like to follow faceless profiles. Also, accounts with profile pictures build a sense of trust in people. 

So, put a clean profile picture where your face is clearly visible. A profile picture where your face is hidden won’t work well in most niches. If you don’t have any pictures, get one today. 

If you don’t add a profile picture, you’ll have to work more to gain the trust of potential followers. 

Choose the Right Question

To reach your potential traffic, you need to pick the right question to answer. There might be a lot of questions available related to your niche, but they won’t send traffic similarly to your website.

You need to learn to pick the right question to answer. You can pick the right questions in several ways. 

Check followers of the questions

Under each question, you’ll see the number of people following this. It actually means the number of people having the same questions in mind.

When you put an answer to that question, the followers get a notification. Questions with more followers will take you to more viewers. 

So, Check the followers of the questions, and try to answer the questions with a higher number of followers. 

Search Google for Ranked Questions

Quora questions are ranked on search engines too, which allows you to reach more people. So, you can look for the question ranked on search results for related keywords

You can directly ask your niche relevant questions to Google for such questions. Then check the search results. If you find any Quora questions ranking on the search result, go to Quora and provide an answer to that question. 

I follow the same approach but am a bit specific. First, I copy a question from Quora and search for that on Google. If I find that the question has ranked, I go back to Quora and answer that question.

Answer to the new questions too

If you answer questions with more followers, it is more likely to take you to old questions only. Answering old questions only will make your profile activity suspicious to Quora authority. 

So, answer new questions, too, if you want to stay safe. 

Pick the most asked questions 

Picking the most asked question on the internet would take you to a huge viewer. You can use SEMRush or similar keyword research tools to pick the most asked questions. 

Go to your tool, put the website name (Quora in this case), and check for the most searched keywords and most asked questions. Then tailor answers to those questions and put them in the answer field. 

Select questions having the opportunity to put images

The right questions would allow you to add images, videos, and other resources while answering. So, pick the ones that allow you the scope to elaborate your view and add essential resources to it. 

Use Proper Answer Format

While answering a question in Quora, you need to make sure you’re using a proper format. Just writing the answer in large paragraphs won’t attract people to read it. Instead, break it down into small paragraphs of 2-3 lines each. 

If possible, break down your answer into sub-headings and lists. Such nicely designed answers attract people. 

Write in a Friendly Tone

The writing tone should be friendly. Try to keep the answer simple and easy to understand. Your writing tone has an impact on people. If the answer seems complex, the readers might get the answer, but they won’t come back or follow you. 

On the other hand, if you can attract people using your writing style and tone, they’ll follow you for other industry-related information. 

Provide Information

In your answer, you need to provide enough information to your readers. Try to cover everything the question asks. Also, if possible, add related information too. The more information you give, the more attention you get. 

However, while including information in your answer, make sure that you aren’t describing anything that is not related to the question. 

Focus on the Metrics

Several Quora metrics can be required to design your Quora marketing strategy. You’ll find several metrics available on the internet that you’ll need to use Quora to drive to your website.

Check matrices like male-female ratio, user distribution based on country, age-based users, number of visitors per month, more popular categories, etc. 

This will help you to design a better Quora marketing strategy based on the niche you work on. 

Create Blog Posts Based on Quora Questions

In Quora, people ask a lot of questions that are not properly answered on the internet. You can use them to generate blog post ideas for your website or blog. 

Check the recent questions and find out what’s on the top of the trend. Then gather enough information about it, tailor a nice blog post, and publish it. This will help you get more visitors interested in the recent trends. 

You can share the blog on Quora answers too. 

Be careful while Sharing Links

Quora may allow you to post links with the answers. But if you do it frequently, the authority may not like that. 

Adding links to all your answers is not a good practice at all. Doing this will be counted as spam, and you’ll be banned. 

Don’t start putting links from the very first day. Keep answering for the first two weeks without adding links. This is the period you add value to Quora.

Then you can start gaining value from it by adding links to your account. The best practice is adding links once in every 4-5 answers. Don’t be more frequent than this. 

Final verdict

Utilizing Quora for the benefit of your blog or business is very easy. But you’ll have to stick to it for a long time to drive traffic to your website.

For that, you need patience and consistency. If you try to do it faster, maybe within a week, your account will be likely to be banned. 

Quora is a great source of high-quality traffic, no matter you try to drive traffic to your website through free or paid marketing.

Follow the tips that I’ve shared in this ‘How to get massive traffic from Quora’ and you’ll be able to take Quora traffic to your website.  

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