9 Best MLS WordPress plugin For Real Estate Website

What is the MLS WordPress Plugin?

Brokers come with excellent service to sell and buy property. Even they give the opportunity to take rental property services. Finally, a Group of brokers is introduced to multiple listing services. That helps the brokers to collect and share information about different properties. They gain a commission by selling the property and giving rentals.

 You can use the advantages of MLS in real estate sites by using MLS plugins. As there are thousands of MLS WordPress are available, we sort out the top 9 best performing MLS plugins for you. This article makes it easy to choose the right MLS plugin.

Top 9 Best WordPress MLS plugin

1. Diverse Solutions Plugin

The diverse system introduces advanced property search features. It offers users to search and view the property within seconds. As a result, these MLS plugins are famous for real estate websites. Besides, it allows tracking about user searched history. As a result, the software can recommend the right property based on customer interest. It is the secret to transform visitors into customers.

The quick searching features without delay helps to get more visitors. The best part is it provides SEO-friendly MLS listing search plugins. Besides, you can check the list of home buyers and seller traffic from the website.

Moreover, it also provides a state of the art property that is called Mapping IDX. These search widgets help to get back visitors to your site. It provides lead capture tools with an integrated CRM to convert visitors into clients. 

Diverse Solutions Plugin

Key Features 

  • This plugin provides MLS listing search features.
  • It provides lead capture tools to convert visitors into clients.
  • Also, you will get an SEO-friendly design.
  • This plugin is optimized for mobile devices.
  • It is also Integrated with the contact management system.
  • Also, you can avail of map markers and advanced filtering.
  • It also provides a custom Polygon search tool.
  • This plugin drives visitors to the most relevant pages. 
  • It helps to get more buyer and seller visitors.

Diverse solution plugins are easy to use and affordable. Integrate your website with Diverse to get more visitors. You can avail of IDX content to offer advanced property search tools to visitors. Grow your business with these excellent plugins.

2. Real Estate WebMasters

Real Estate webmasters is an experienced company that brings MLS plugins to use in your business site, especially real estate sites. This company comes with excellent offers both for buyers and sellers. It helps to build the whole website for clients and agents.

The best part of webmasters is they offer custom solutions. Guess what? You can make custom plugins based on your business requirements. Simply install the custom plugins on your WordPress site to start your business. You don’t need to have any experience or knowledge to start with their plugin. 

Real Estate WebMasters

Key Features

  • It provides real estate CRM.
  • You can make real estate websites, plugins with lead generation.
  • Any custom template is available.
  • It offers to make a custom listing with relevant information.

real Estate webmaster is a new platform to deliver leads. But due to its excellent plugin and functionality, it has become popular. It provides an excellent MLS plugin to make website listings and attract customers. It helps to reach the number one position in this competitive real estate business field. The best part is it provides excellent lead generation services to transform visitors into clients.

3. MLS Import

To integrate your website with MLS listing, one of the excellent solutions is the MLS import WordPress plugin. The best part is it is easy and faster RESO API solutions that help real estate agents to reveal MLS Listings on their sites. They provide both MLS themes and plugins to make your site complete.

You can buy the MLS import plugin at $49 per month. You need to invest a one-time install fee of $99. The benefit of this MLS plugin is it gives you the freedom to use the functions independently. It allows full control over listing.

Besides, these plugins sync listing automatically. The exclusive part is this modern plugin brings RESO API technology to connect with your site to give a smooth experience.

MLS Import

Key Features

  • You can directly integrate the MLS import plugin with your website.
  • It provides full control over listing.
  • Also, it displays images from the MLS server to boost up speed.
  • It allows automatic sync property on the MLS website.
  • You can customize the listing field.
  • Also, you can select imported fields as private.
  • It allows advanced filtration on search.
  • You will get a one-time setup and guidance.
  • It is easy to use and maintain.
  • The plugins use RESO API technology that ensures smooth performance.
  • They help to fix any issues caused by the plugins.

MLSimport is one of the leading companies for providing excellent MLS plugins. They work with 650+ MLS markets. So they know the real estate market’s needs and modify their plugins accordingly. This advanced MLSimport plugin is best to make your website listing.


If you want a complete solution for your business site, then UlTIMATE IDX is ideal for you. It is a powerful and customizable MLS WordPress plugin that comes with versatile features. It is an all-in-one plugin that offers some useful features. 

You will get lead capturing tools and integrate CRM with different marketing tools to gain more visitors. This plugin helps you to win more visitors and convert them into clients.

You can also avail visitor registration, email updates, calendar scheduling with this plugin. Another excellent feature of this IDX is it can text essential or promotional information to an agent’s phone. Also, it updates real estate transactions every 15 minutes to ensure smooth performance.


Key Features:

  • It comes with integrated CRM and lead management tools.
  • Also, it provides different marketing tools to gather more visitors.
  • You can use scheduling calendars, email updates and more by using this IDX.
  • This unique plugin has the power to send a text to the agent’s phone.
  • It automatically updates transactions every 15 minutes.
  • Also, it provides full MLS search features.

Ultimate IDX uses the latest and modern technology to ensure an excellent service. It is a great WordPress MLS plugin that can meet your versatile needs. You can enjoy automation marketing, interactive mapping with complete MLS search capability. 

The best part is the integrated CRM tracks and delivers the report on lead activity, including property view, average price, search run, customer interest, etc. In short, it provides every essential feature to grow your real estate business.

5. Estatik

Estatik is another excellent plugin to handle your real estate listing on the WordPress site. It is a powerful plugin that comes with easy functionality. The simple property management system makes it easy to add an advanced listing to your WordPress site.

It also offers a photo Gallery, property search widget, google maps support and more. Another great functionality is it allows social media sharing with multilingual support. It helps to reach more target audiences throughout the globe. Also, it provides a field builder to add new fields to your listing to make it up to date with the time.


Key Features

  • It is a premium plugin that offers excellent and advanced features.
  • Also, it comes with an attractive design that is responsive.
  • You will get advanced search filtering tools.
  • It provides an easy property management system to add a listing.
  • You will get a photo gallery search widget, google maps in this plugin.
  • It allows social sharing with multilingual support.
  • Also, you will get a fields builder to add a new field to listing 
  • It provides advanced search engine and customization opportunities.

It is a full-featured real estate plugin for WordPress. This plugin is fully Seo-optimized. Also, It comes with an AJAX power search bar with autocomplete opportunities. 

Also, it allows customers to filter searching by price, date and popularity. Besides, you can add any customizable features and services with this plugin by paying extra money.

6. Essential real Estate

Essential real estate is an excellent MLS plugin that features a complete package for a real estate site. You will get every detailed functionality for your site from this plugin. It includes agent build support, configuration and complete property listing features.

It provides advanced well-defined listings with property pages, agent profiles and other essential marketing content. The best part is it provides both front and back end customization opportunities. 

It allows adding custom data fields to add extra listings based on your needs. Also, it introduces a different type of listing with a range of value-added features.

Essential real Estate

Key Features

  • This plugin provides every essential tool to make your site complete.
  • It allows google maps directions.
  • This excellent plugin comes with a default layout for advanced listing and properties.
  • It introduces multiple property types and custom data fields to add a listing. 
  • You will get the opportunity of customization from both front and back.
  • It provides marketing tools such as property highlight, compare and most popular features.
  • Also, it is compatible with WordPress, Visual composer and WPML.

It is a free WordPress plugin that provides a complete solution for real Estate sites.  It comes with easy functionality, advanced listing and customization opportunities. 

Besides, it also gives different marketing tools to increase your site engagement. The best part is you can enjoy premium features free of cost. Also, it supports global payments, single list property, single agents and many more.

7. WPL real Estate

WPL real Estate is one of the best MLS WordPress plugins that is worth its value. It comes with a fully functional plugin to make your real estate site top-notch. It provides support to over 100000 listings, unlimited users, sales, rentals, vacation rentals to make your website professional. 

Even it offers shared property listing with a range of criteria. In short, it provides all the advanced functionality that is required for the real estate business.

Yet, they provide advanced functionality, but it is fun to use. You will get a simple dashboard to make a listing or manage the features. It allows add, remove, edit and annotate within a button touch from the dashboard. The easy navigation and menus make this plugin the top choice among entrepreneurs.

WPL real Estate


  • It provides 100000 listing opportunities with add, edit and remove options.
  • You will get an easy dashboard to manage the features.
  • It comes with social sharing tools to increase website traffic.
  • Also, it allows unlimited user, sales, rentals and shared property to make your site exclusive.
  • Besides, it allows map view options.
  • It provides an advanced search bar.
  • Also, it brings powerful custom fields and different listing fields.

The best part of this plugin is it’s flexible and a complete management system for real estate business. Besides, easy management comes with advanced search with filter opportunity. It can be integrated with paid MLS services to meet your additional needs.

8. AgentPress Listings

AgentPress listing is designed by expert WordPress theme specialist StudioPress. This plugin is specially built for WordPress themes. You need Genesis Framework to use this powerful plugin. The best part is it is a flexible real estate plugin that provides some useful features.

AgentPress listing offers you to add property listings on your WordPress site. It provides all the basic features such as taxonomies, listing options with quick edits, add and remove listing features. 

Besides,  it allows a listing management system with advanced search features. Even it allows filter search opportunities to make the page more appropriate for clients. This is a quick solution to create a real estate website.

AgentPress Listings

Key Features

  • It allows custom listings opportunities.
  • You will get categories of property to organize your site.
  • It provides widgets to add listing search with a filter.
  • Also, it brings an easy listing management system to add, edit and remove the listing.
  • Only compatible with Genesis Framework themes.
  • It allows the custom post to maintain listings.
  • You can add a search function to a particular page.
  • It supports Google Maps.

This free real estate plugin provides all the basic to advanced level features for the real estate business. You can maintain different listings, searches and custom posts based on categories by using this plugin. It is easy to use and helps to make your listing organized.

9. WP real Estate

WP real estate is another excellent MLS WordPress plugin. It is a complete solution to make your real estate site professional. Also, It offers easy real estate listings, inquiries and real estate agents with a super-easy dashboard. 

It offers Advanced search with attribute filtering and search near landmark opportunities. This type of custom search helps to gain more customers. 

It helps to make your MLS listing more relevant and accurate. Also, the listings are updated automatically to ensure the best experience. This plugin allows building your site both as rental or selling as your needs.

Another excellent feature is it allows smart Google Maps integration. It also offers an excellent image gallery feature with an easy drop and drag function. Moreover, it is an SEO-friendly and responsive plugin that meets your versatile needs.

WP real Estate

Key Features

  • It comes with advanced search features with custom search opportunities.
  • The MLS listing automatically updates to show relevant information.
  • You can set up both selling or renting real estate sites with this plugin.
  • It allows google maps to view.
  • It offers automatic contact forms to capture leads.
  • You will get different types of listing such as House, Villa, Land, etc.
  • It allows adding custom listing fields based on needs.
  • It allows adding any internal and external listing feature based on business needs.
  • It gives the visitor an opportunity to view property according to their own preferences.

Well, if you want an SEO-friendly responsive plugin to meet your versatile needs, then I suggest WP real Estate. It brings each and every feature that a real Estate business needs. 

You will get different types of listing, advance search, customization, lead management, map view and many more to make your site outstanding. It is simple to install and maintain. No matter whether you have a rental site or a selling site, you can use the plugin for both.

MLS WordPress Plugin- Feature you must Look

You will find a lot of excellent MLS plugins to integrate with the WordPress site.

But to attract customers and increase sales, you need an MLS plugin that comes with an attractive design, advanced functionality and relevant information.

Each of the above 9 MLS plugins offers all the advanced functionality that is required to meet your real estate business objectives. Also, here you find some free but exclusive MLS plugins. Give these plugins a try to see the chance. It helps to discover the best MLS plugins based on your business needs.


How do I integrate MLS into WordPress

You need to follow the below steps to integrate MLS into the WordPress site.

  • Choose the MLS Plugin
  • Select the provider
  • Set up plugin
  • Create iFrame to connect MLS
  • Configure feed
  • Create widgets
  • Select theme

Now you are ready to enjoy the MLS plugin from your WordPress site.

Is WordPress good for real estate?

WordPress is the most used site builder among real estate companies and brokers. Besides, It introduces an excellent property management system with listing and searching. WordPress is the best choice for making a top rank real estate site.

How do I link my MLS to my website?

First, sign in to the IDX broker account after the application is getting approved. Then select “Account Management” and “page links” to derive text links and widgets to link MLS listing to your WordPress site. Then copy-paste the provided code into your website.

What is the best CRM for real estate agents?

Some best CRM for real estate agents are attached below:

Final Thought

MLS WordPress plugin is a blessing for real estate sites. It helps to build a professional website within a few minutes. It is specially designed to meet the versatile needs of real estate or broker businesses.

We hope this article assists you to choose the best MLS WordPress plugin for your site. Guess what? A little change will bring robust success to your business. Also, these excellent, flexible and powerful plugins are a great way to increase website traffic and sales. It comes with different marketing tools to reach more audiences.

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