32 Education WordPress Themes – Free & Premium

32 Best Education WordPress Themes

Best Education WordPress Themes

A quality and proper SEO-optimized website will take no time to rank your educational institution. Therefore, it is too important to choose a perfect theme while building your website.

We will introduce the 32 best Education WordPress themes and also their possible areas to use. These are the best because we have researched the different key factors before taking them on our top list. So, let’s see what they are-

1. Education Academia

Education Academia

When you want to get better performance at loading your page you can rely on Education Academia. It will show you an outstanding performance. Besides, you will get it well fit to build the website based on kid’s materials especially.

Nevertheless, you can effortlessly promote your institution while creating a good-looking website. In this sense, Education Academia will help you hassle-free.

It is a great way to promote your website as long as you think about-

  • kindergarten
  • Kid’s school
  • College, or
  • Any other online-based institution.

Needless to say, how modern and clean this theme will be for your website.

This site doesn’t require you to implement anything new because everything is readily available there.

Key Features

  • Three Homepage
  • High Compatible
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Powerful Visualization

Reason Why You Decide Education Academia

  • Saves Time

Using this theme, you can save your time. Now the question is how! Well, you don’t have to wait for coding learning time. As the Education Academia is a ready project to build a website, you need not to learn coding. You are here allowed to start working for your website directly.

  • Easy to Drag Elements

Users consider this WordPress Theme the best drop and drag page creator. Also, the function of the Education Academia WordPress Theme will make it easy to add your content.

  • Easy Selling Your Courses/Materials

The WooCommarce of Education Academia WordPress Theme will help you to sell your content/ course without any hassle.

2. Professional Education Consultancy

Professional Education Consultancy

Professional Education Consultancy theme is a popular WordPress theme.  If you are an expert at recognizing human psychology, then this theme will be the best recommendation for you.

The website will help you turn the site-equipments into a visual building block. Therefore, it gets 70% ahead and also easy to customize your website.

Its highly intuitive designing process will require you no coding or web development knowledge. In this sense, it is a great opportunity to run your website from zero experience.

However, you can consider the Professional Education Consultancy theme the best while you work on a child theme project. Let’s know the areas where it works well-

  • Tuition
  • Bookselling
  • University
  • College
  • School
  • Training Center
  • Blogging, and
  • Marketing

Here, to use this theme, you have no restriction whether you will create your website for kids, teenagers, or adults.

Key Features

  • Modern
  • Cross-Browser compatibility
  • Well Responsive
  • Extensive Documentation

Reason Why You Decide Professional Education Consultancy Theme

  • SEO- Friendly

The Professional Education Consultancy Theme is readily available for website SEO optimization. It will never give any headache to focus on SEO to rank your site.

  • 24/7 Support

It opens its supportive service for its users 24/7.  So, you have no worries whenever you are in trouble.

  • High-Engagement

Covering the sides of site engagement of your website is pretty easy while making your website through this theme.

So, check it out for once. 

3. Education Xpert

Education Xpert

When you are desperate to create an excellent website thinking of online learning, Education Xpert will be your right partner. It has no boundary to use. You can choose it for any kind of institution website.

The Education Xpert uses LearnPress, the most famous learning management system on the WordPress Theme. Besides, through this WordPress theme, you can design your website featuring a modern search box.

And that search box will let the learners find their necessary posts and courses within minutes. What is more, the visitors will be able to differentiate your different sections easily while they visit your site for the first time.

Areas where you can use this theme are-

  • School
  • College
  • University, and
  • Other Education based Websites


  • User-Friendly
  • Highly Customizable
  • SEO-Friendly
  • High-Quality Design

Reason Why You Decide Education Xpert WordPress Theme

  • High-Quality Coding

Its high-quality coding is capable of setting your website goals and creating an auto defect fixing process. And, in terms of its coding practice, your site will be a step ahead.

  • Rich-Combination of Plugins

Plugins like SiteOrigin, Jetpack WooCommarce, etc., are the main plugin elements of this theme design.

Therefore, it is highly preferable among the website builders as they can easily embed their content into their webpage to reach the targeted audience.

  • Quality Custom-Layout

The Education Xpert works through the best Elementor builder that will allow you to create a custom and super layout for your website.

4. Education Business

Education Business

Education Business! It bears the signature of its name itself. If you look for a WordPress theme that will take your website to a high rank in Google, you need to decide on Education Business.

It is pretty easy to build a translatable website for your institution. However, this theme content is great for building your website for Learning Management.

And, there are plenty of chances to set up a variety of profiles. That means you can open profiles for the following categories-

  • Profile for Teacher
  • Profile for Online Courses
  • Video Hosting
  • Online Quizzes

Let us tell you the purposes or areas of this theme where you can use this. This Feature-Rich WordPress theme is fantastic to build the website of-

  • Learning Management System
  • Event Management
  • Course Management
  • Educational Events
  • Different Tutorial Courses, and
  • Educational Institutions

Also, the online tutors and training organizations trust this theme for their professionalism.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Comments Integration
  • Excellent Page-Builder
  • Flexible

Reason Why You Decide Education Business WordPress Theme

  • Outstanding Home Page Demo

In this theme, you will get seven home page demos that you can introduce through a few clicks.

  • Easy to Customize

Through its high controlling theme options panel, you can customize your site hassle-free. Also, the drag-drop page builder of the Education Business theme will act well for site customizing.

  • WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommarce is one of the best plugins in terms of WordPress. And, you have the opportunity to use these plugins to design your website.

5. Signify Education

Signify Education

Signify Education is a free WordPress theme that will give abandon accessibility to the visitors to access your site data. It is a clean and minimal WordPress theme that you can consider the best for the child’s educational institutions.

However, build the best institution’s website with Signify Educational WordPress theme. It is full of all the features you need to include in your website.

It is a means of a complete and well-designed educational theme with the combination of CSS and Bootstrap. This educational WordPress free theme will be an excellent match for the website of the following-

  • University
  • Small Business
  • Online-Classes
  • College and also for
  • School

Key Features

  • Responsive
  • Flexible Header
  • Elegant look
  • WooCommerce Supportive

Reasons Why You Decide Signify Education WordPress Theme

  • Elementor Pro Integration System

The Elementor Pro Integration System will let you create your page through the drag and drop trait. So, it will be easier to customize the sidebar, blog, header/footer based on your requirements.

  • Multi-Column Layout

The most exciting trait of this theme is its multi-column layout. You can change the layout using this theme on every page and can do it individually.

Also, you can divide the layouts into 3 and 2 layouts for pages. That means, on one page, you can set 3 layouts and two layouts for another one.

  • Easy to Use

It is easy to use for everyone. You can easily make your website whether you are new or expert at website making.

6. Eduma


Eduma WordPress theme will promise you to give a fantastic website building experience for your educational institution. Here with this theme, you will get 13 website gateways.

However, Eduma is a modern and magazine-styled theme that you can build through the most popular plugin WooCommerce. In doing so, the Eduma WordPress theme presents a high interactive discussion board.

Also, you can add a downloading option along with a quiz uploading alternative. Needless to say, it will play well to increase the popularity of your website.

Let’s tell you when you can decide on the Eduma WordPress theme-

  • University
  • College
  • Educational Programs

Key Features

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Pagination
  • Social Media Widgets
  • Revolution Slider Plugins

Reasons Why You Decide Eduma WordPress Theme

  • Simple to Build Your Website

This free WordPress theme is simple to build your educational website with a significant web design. It is quite easy to run fast. What is more, it carries a revolution slider and event calendars to give you extra convenience.

  • Flexibility

Create a sweet website through built-in customizer options to bring changes in terms of colors, fonts, and more. And, it has no strict restriction to use in its functions. Therefore, you can design your website as exactly as you want.

  • Responsive

You will get this theme ready through visual composure that will make the site more responsive.

7. Masterstudy


To promote your educational services and courses online effortlessly and successfully, you can choose the Masterstudy free WordPress theme. It will help you stream your live lesson in the easiest way.

This WordPress theme site is much more popular for its group course features. And these group courses will let you make a fantastic community for your website.

Above and beyond, you will get an outstanding offer from this theme site to sell your course materials through all the best plugins.

Moreover, its sequential lessons and grade feature’s book integration make it the best tool for the teachers. They will rely on you to follow your site for their professional purpose.

You can settle on the Masterstudy WordPress Theme while building your website towards the purpose of –

  • Kindergarten
  • School
  • Coaching Centers
  • Training Centers

Key Features

  • Professional Course Builder
  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Drip-Feed Content
  • Monetization & Tutors Payouts

Reasons Why You Decide MusterStudy WordPress Theme

  • 24/7 Support

Developers of this theme will provide you a Free 24/7 Chat and Ticket Support.

  • Supportive and Popular Plugins

Using Masterstudy WordPress Theme, you will get supported integrations for all the popular plugins. Popular Plugins for example-

  1. BuddyPress
  2. AppBoss
  3. WooCommerce
  4. MemberPress
  5. Events Calendar Pro
  6. WP Job Manager etc.
  • Professional Look

Needless to say, the site will get a professional look automatically if you build your website through the Masterstudy WordPress theme.

8. LMS WordPress Theme

LMS WordPress Theme

LMS WordPress theme performs as an online best learning toolkit among website developers. And they like to build their website using the LMS WordPress theme due to its multipurpose benefits.

You can make your space to build an educational online training website in terms of the LMS theme. This free theme is best for the entire online course site.

It means the LMS theme will be best while you intend to open your website for any of the online services.

However, you can use this theme site while making a website for the following reasons-

  • Online School
  • Online Tutorial Theme
  • Online Courses
  • Online Quizzes, etc

Key Features

  • Dedicated beautiful design
  • Extensive documentation
  • Retina ready
  • Google web fonts

Reasons Why You Decide LMS WordPress Theme

  • User-Friendly

The LMS WordPress theme possesses an extremely user-friendly interface with a clear admin panel. It doesn’t consist of complex bloat-ware.

  • SEO Optimized

To generate traffic, you need to optimize your website with full SEO. And, this LMS theme is the best for giving you an auto SEO feature for your website.

  • Best Income Source

It will be your great income source as you can sell your teaching materials precisely. And, it is possible in terms of its e-commerce plugin applications.

9. OneCommunity


This OneCommunity is a free WordPress and BuddyPress theme that is well suitable to build a community website.

  • Sports Team
  • Company
  • School, etc

You have opportunities to update your site constantly by adding different quality and latest features. It is a mobile user’s friendly theme that will show its display precisely to all types of screen sizes.

Also, the developers have designed this theme to upload your content in a most engaging way.

Key Features

  • High-Translation Readiness
  • High Niche
  • bbPress Integration
  • Layout Variants

Reasons Why You Decide OneCommunity WordPress Theme

  • Require No Coding Skill

This theme site is ready to start work with. You need not any coding skills, and you can start building using this theme with no prior familiarity.

  • Easy Creating a Social Network

OneCommunity WordPress Theme will let you create a big social network. Here, people will get the opportunity to share their thoughts in terms of community niche. Therefore, they will be a great possibility to rank your site fast.

  • Customization Trait

It has a plethora of customization options through its brilliant uses of themes and plugins. Among the number of themes, you can choose your one that will suit your niche best. As a result, customizing your website will go a step further.

10. Happy Kids

Happy Kids

If you want to build a website that will be well-matched for the kid’s content, then you can choose the Happy Kids theme of WordPress. This website is a combination of detailed documentation and a premium forum.

Also, you will get the support of a video tutorial that will remove all your wondering to create the best website. And, once you will create your website, later you can update each piece of parts one by one according to your need.

The best areas to use this WordPress theme for-

  • Institute of Infants Learners
  • Pre-School
  • Nursery
  • Play
  • Child Day Care
  • Kids Day Camp

Key Features

  • High Premium Plugins
  • Elegant Typography
  • Angled Rows
  • High Animation Combination

Reasons Why You Decide Happy Kids WordPress Theme

  • Page Optimization

The plugin application of this free WordPress theme will automatically keep your web page well optimized and up to date running.

  • Full-Screen Display

The great benefit is its full-screen presentation. As it is the kid’s theme website, you should make sure a standard and understandable display presentation. And, the Happy Kids Free WordPress theme will give you that space.

  • Convey the High Significance

The use of translation support, custom fonts, revolution slider, will keep a high significance to your page to rank in Google.

11. Smarty


As long as you think to build an outstanding e-learning website, the Smarty WordPress Theme will be your best choice.  Most importantly, this website theme is integrated to widen the functionality of LMS (Learning Management System).

It will give liberty to bring a modern look to your website that will attract your targeted audience hassle-free. This website theme carries the most user-friendly interface to give your visitors the utmost accessibility.

Purpose of using this theme for-

  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Alumni Institution

Key Features

  • Built with SASS
  • 4 Preset color skins
  • 4 Header layouts
  • WPML localization support

Reasons Why You Decide Smarty WordPress Theme

  • Introducing of Digital Education Products

Due to the application of the MusterStudy LMS plugin, you can easily introduce your digital educational products. And this feature will increase the value of your webpage tremendously.

  • Easy Implementation

Through this web theme, if you build your page, you can easily implement the necessary features while building your page. Therefore, your web page will be more productive and gorgeous.

  • High Engagement

While you will build your page using this Smarty WordPress theme, you can make sure of all levels of engagement. That means the teacher, students, other staff of your institutions, and even the parents can create a good level of engagement.

As a result, the page acceptability will be increasing, and that is a positive sign for your website.

12. Ed School

Ed School

Ed School WordPress Theme is mainly suitable for kids and adolescents. That means when you need to build a website considering up to high school level, choose Ed School Theme. It is best to meet the field of the primary, middle, and also high school stage.

However, this theme will offer you two homepages along with its demo. Additionally, you will get a large video tutorial to go through its function effortlessly.

In addition, it acts as a bridge between you and the visitors of your sites. As a result, rank your site will be smoother.

So, you can doubtlessly try this ingenious theme content to build your professional website.


  • Amazing Header
  • Excellent Footer
  • WpBakery Page
  • Quality Mega Menu

Reasons Why You Decide Ed School WordPress Theme

  • Responsive Design

You can easily adapt a design that will well suit the different device’s screens. Usually, there are some themes that don’t support all kinds of device screens. But in the case of Ed School

  • Dynamic Interface

This theme content is ready to give your website a dynamic and professional look. Also, there is an unlimited color option where you can set up and personalize your class events.

  • Abandon Texts Google-Fonts

Very few website themes are there where you will get a maximum number of Google Fonts for texts. But, herewith Ed School, you will get more than 700 Google-Font to design the website. Keep Imagining!

13. Eikra


The minimal and contemporary theme is Eikra that has been playing an outstanding role in creating a perfect platform for all kinds of educational sites. It conveys the perfect meaning for the educational website theme.

You will get the most popular and significant LearnPress plugin application, if you build your website using Eikra. This LearnPress plugin will allow you to include all the significant curricula and courses.

It will offer you unlimited features liberty.

However, let’s see the principles you can use this WordPress theme for-

  • University
  • Training Centre
  • Online Education Center

Key Features

  • 3 Instructor Layouts
  • RTL Supported
  • SEO-Optimized
  • Google Web Font

Reasons Why You Decide Eikra WordPress Theme

  • High Academic Hub

Eikra WordPress theme performs as the high academic hub to build your learning community.

  • Additional Website Design

Its additional web design trait will let you include an instructor profile page where you can receive and reply to the feedback of your visitor’s reviews.

  • Maximum Engagement

To suit the individual needs of your audience, Eikra will transform your page to keep maximum engagement. Besides, the WooCommerce plugin will permit you to create your online store to make a secure payment.

14. DotLife

DotLife Free WordPress Theme is the most responsive theme built with online course management. You will get multiple service support, for instance-

  • Popup builder
  • Mailing List
  • Online payment, etc.

Besides, whenever you intend to change the background, including color, images, videos, etc., you will get feedback immediately. You don’t have to wait to know your site’s newly changed look.

However, this site theme works well while you decide to build your webpage for –

  • Instructor Site
  • Life Coach premier
  • Teaching online
  • Consultancy
  • Tutor

Key Features

  • Ready Page Templates
  • Stylish Subscription Popup
  • Portfolio Layout
  • Translation Readiness

Reasons Why You Decide DotLife WordPress Theme

  • Responsive Design

Its responsive design will let the users see all content presented in the same view. Even every page will look the same. You can include a social sharing button where the visitor can share your content through only one click.

  • Easy Topography

The menu font family or menu font size or padding, you can change with your own accord.

  • Top Bar

The navigation of this theme is well flexible. Here, you can change the top bar as long as you are not satisfied with the present one. So, make your website partnership with DotLife WordPress Theme.

15. Education Center

Education Center

The specialty of this website is to work for both offline as well as online activities. It is a kind of package which you can utilize from A to Z. That means you can decide on this WordPress theme for all levels of institutions.

Then again, let’s check the areas where you can use this fantastic WordPress theme-

  • Pre School
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • College
  • University
  • Other types of Informal Educational Institutions

Besides, it is well matched for all kinds of private educational institutions like- Home-Learning, Virtual Self Learning, Boarding schools, etc.

So, imagine how worthy this website theme is!

Key Features

  • Course Builder
  • Advanced Quizzes
  • Lesson Schedules
  • Dynamic Forums

Reasons Why You Decide Education Center WordPress Theme

  • SEO-Optimized

The HTML code appliance into this theme got it ready for making an automatic SEO. In this sense, this theme will be your right choice as it covers versatile areas. It will also offer you the special “All in One SEO Pack” by means of Yoast.

  • Use of HTML & CSS

Usually, most of the website themes are designed using HTML3 and CSS2. But in the case of the Education Center WordPress Theme, you will get it ready using the latest version of HTML and CSS, which means HTML5 and CSS3.

So, undoubtedly it is an additional advantage for you to get free.

  • Modern Look

Needless to say that it will carry a stunning and modern look for your website.

16. Exhibit


As long as you think of creating a webpage to conduct different modern events, you need to think about the Exhibz WordPress theme. It is mostly recognized for the conference type projects website, for example-

  • Educational Seminar
  • Food Festival
  • Educational Conference

It will be obvious that your web page presence will focus on the variety of your targeted visitors. And, it raises comprehensive statistics for private forums or groups as well as administrators.

Key Features

  • Exciting Mailchimp
  • Great WPML
  • One-Click Demo
  • Fast Support

Reasons Why You Decide Exhibz WordPress Theme

  • Easy to Customize

You can easily customize your website through its Drop and Drag elementor builder. Besides, you can put up for sale the online tickets and zoom webinar through its popular plugin application Events.

  • Bootstrap Advantage

This theme was designed using bootstrap 4. Therefore, including or excluding things will be easier than you can imagine.

  • Stylish Block Page

The Exhibit WordPress theme will present your site with the most stylish block page design that will work as the feature reaches the way to your learning community.

17. LearnPLUS


The LurnPLUS free WordPress Theme is an LMS theme that is powered up by visual composer. Creating the custom layout through this LearPLUS theme will be pretty easy for you.

Here are the good and specific sections why you should choose this website theme are-

  • Online Shop
  • Teacher Profile
  • User’s Profile
  • Lesson Management
  • Quiz System
  • Question System
  • Event Management

Key Features

  • Strong Admin Builder
  • Unlimited Color Scheme
  • Documentation
  • Uses of Google Font

Reasons Why You Decide LearnPLUS WordPress Theme

  • Slider Revolution

You will be able to save over 19 dollars while going through this theme. Its slide presentation, however, will give you a chance to design as you want.

You have the option to use your creativity and imaginary power in this theme to make the most exceptional slide.

  • Drop and Drag Page Creator

Its Drop and Drag page builder ability will allow you to keep full control of the layout of the website.

  • WooCommerce Flexibility

The learnPlus WordPress Theme is well compatible, where you can style your web page with an online store whenever you want.  It is easily more than even you think.

18. Courselog


Like the Education Theme Center WordPress Theme, here with Courselog also you can go for all kinds of websites. It is the right choice for creating an LMS-based website for your institution.

In addition, it is compatible through the uses of its WooCommerce, Elements Kit Addons, and Unique Home Variation plugin.

Besides, you can use zoom into your online event and online LMS courses. You can use this theme while want to build your website focusing on-

  • University
  • College
  • School
  • Kindergarten

Key Features

  • Responsive
  • Zoom Integration
  • Live Style Editor
  • Event Calendar

Benefits to Use Courselog WordPress Theme

  • Online Support

If you use this theme to create your website, you will get real-time online support. Therefore, overcoming any kind of difficulties will be easier.

  • Multiple Page Home Demos

Its multiple-page home navigation makes the user’s accessibility easier to your different content on the website.

  • User-Friendly Display

The interface you will get through using this theme will be too easy for the users to reach. They can even get a standard visualization of whatever devices they use.

19. LeBari


The LeBari WordPress theme is a well-organized theme with suitability for you if you intend to build an E-Learning website. It is accessible for all kinds of devices. Thus, taking time to consider various devices before designing your web page is not necessary.

Furthermore, you will get 19 ready WordPress files with perfect documentation. As a result, you have full support to take help while you need to make a change to your website.

Let’s see in which purpose and you can use this website-

  • Tutor LMS
  • Design Courses
  • Business Courses
  • Training Center
  • School
  • College
  • University

Key Features

  • Live Customizer
  • Donation Added Page
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Flexible PHP form

Reasons Why You Decide LeBari WordPress Theme

  • Devise Appropriateness

This WordPress theme content doesn’t just mean the computer or android will match its visual display settings. Rather, it will be appropriate for Samsung S10, iPhone12, MacBook Pro, LeBari in iMac.

  • Bootstrap Based Design

This theme got ready, focusing on 1170 Bootstrap that acts to support all kinds of devices.

  • Footer Layouts

You will get three already-ready footer layouts in this theme where you can easily build your site layout by choosing any of them.

20. Bisy


Bisy WordPress theme is built with modern technology. When you want to build your website for public blogs or to develop your business website, choose Bisy theme. Also, it will play a vital role for you if you want to build a website for your online course learning purpose.

Here are some specific zones where you can use this Bisy WordPress theme.

  • University
  • College
  • Business Marketing
  • Blogs
  • E-Learning

It will make you able to raise your website publicity within a short while. Besides, this WordPress theme will not require you to learn any specific skill or coding knowledge.

Key Features

  • SEO Friendly
  • E-Learning Management

Benefits to Use Bisy WordPress Theme

  • Easy to Generate Traffic

The SEO optimized theme Bisy will keep an update for SEO on your website. And, this thing will relieve you from wasting time behind SEO.

  • Enhanced Functionality

The use of its wide range of plugins will undoubtedly increase the functionality to rank your site. Also, you have the option to customize your site while needed.

  • Perfect Plugin

Its entire design format will support its plugin implementing conditions.

21. Turitor


Turitor is the best WordPress theme from school level to university. This theme brought outstanding features due to its bootstrap4 and elements kit.

Needless to say, how compatible it is due to its WooCommerce presence. Also, the combination of a most popular plugin like- BuddyPress, Unique Home Variation RTL made this theme perfect for other types of websites.

You can easily create your website for the following-

  • University
  • College
  • School
  • Kindergarten
  • Online Courses
  • LMS
  • Educational Content Markets

Key Features

  • HTML5 Validated
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • 6 Home Variations

Reasons Why You Decide Turitor WordPress Theme

  • Perfect Plugin Application

Its plugin application, including LearnPress, Tutor LMS, and LearnDash, will automatically keep boosting your site into a comprehensive LMS. Hence, you can easily set your online course outlines, lessons, and other relevant documents for your visitors.

  • Header Style

There are seven ready header styles you will find in this Turitor WordPress theme. So, if you don’t want to use any of your own header styles, you can pick one from that ready header list.

  • Inner Page Layouts

It is even outstanding to think the Turitor free WordPress theme will give 30 free and readily available inner page layouts for your site.

22. eSmarts


eSmarts is a stunning website theme where you will find the Learning Management System. This theme is especially supportive of the school website’s purpose.  It will provide you all the required tools that you need to build a successful webpage.

However, eSmart WordPress Theme is the best while you decide to create a webpage based on the following-

  • School
  • Online Classes
  • Private Educational Institution

Key Features

  • Social Share short-code
  • Back to Top Button
  • Block Masonry Layout
  • Fantastic Login Widget

Reasons Why You Decide eSmarts WordPress Theme

  • Advantage of Online Store

You have a fantastic option to create an online store to earn money from your site. You won’t get this option available to other themes. And, this feature is WooCommerce Compatibility.

  • bbPress Compatibility

Do you really want to get an additional advantage from your website theme? Then, eSmarts will be your right choice. It will allow you to create your own discussion forum on your website through its bbPress plugin. It is just fantastic!

  • Event Calendar

Creating an event calendar will let you set your entire class and course schedule on a modern online calendar layout. As a result, you have another fantastic trait to show your webpage in a smart way to the audience.

23. Edubin


Edubin is the name of the combination of LearnDash Tutor3, and LearnPress popular LMS compatibility. You can effortlessly create an event registration section on your site.

And, this event registration feature will surely give an extra value to your web page among the visitors. However, the Edubin will also facilitate you to sell your online courses through the use of WooCommerce plugin.

The professionals find the Edubin theme well suitable for-

  • E-Learning Institution
  • Online Courses
  • University
  • College
  • School
  • Training Center

Key Features

  • Unlimited Color Scheme
  • E-Commerce Availability
  • Huge Element Collection
  • Responsive Layout

Reasons Why You Decide Edubin WordPress Theme

  • Theme Customizer

Customizing the page interface is too easy while you build your webpage with the Edubin free WordPress Theme. And a well-customized website will help you rank your page within a short while.

  • Unique Home Page

As Edubin is perfect for contributing to the educational website, you will get a unique home page from this theme site.

  • No Coding You Need to Learn

To build a web page, you need no coding while deciding on the Edubin WordPress theme. Besides, it will help you get instant front-end results while you change anything on your website.

24. Educavo


Educavo is a trendy free WordPress educational Theme that will offer you 14 high-quality home pages. Besides, you will get many other inner pages, for example- teacher’s pages and course pages. Also, you will get multiple blog layouts.

In addition, you can easily create an animated slider using the Commercial Revolution Slider. However, let’s see when exactly you can use this outstanding theme-

  • Online Course Hub
  • Online Course Tutorials
  • Educational Institution
  • University
  • Training Center
  • Online Workshop

Key Features

  • Well Documentation
  • Single Click Demo
  • Reliable Support Team
  • Brilliant Design

Reasons Why You Decide Educavo WordPress Theme

  • Unlimited Page Design

The best WordPress page builder is Elementor Page Builder. And this Elementor Page Builder has been used in this Educavo theme. Therefore, you will have no limit to designing your website.

  • Flexibility

You need not be professional while building your website through Educavo WordPress Theme. Everything is ready with an understandable setting format. And, it will allow you to work on your site the way you want.

  • Installing Support

Another incredible advantage of using this Educavo theme is to get helping support while installing this theme.

So, if you’re worried about whether you can install this theme properly, then you have nothing to be worried about. We can make sure that you will get full support at your theme installing time.

25. Kalvi


The highest responsive WordPress Theme is Kalvi.  Users find it useful due to its unlimited features and advantages. It is modern and unique to present to the audience. Also, it has an attractive page look.

Furthermore, you can create an individual profile for the teachers and students on this Kalvi WordPress theme. This theme site suitable if you want to create your website for-

  • Teaching
  • Educational Based Institution
  • University
  • School
  • College

Key Features

  • Perfect Coding
  • Mega Menu
  • Seo-Optimizer
  • CSS Minifier

Reasons Why You Decide Kalvi WordPress Theme

  • Visual Composer

This Kalvi theme is ready with the Visual Composer premier plugin that will allow you to work differently.  That means you can keep a control for your clients as a grid or slider. In fact, managing logos for your site will also be easier for you.

  • Aestheticism

Kalvi always focuses on page aesthetics.  In this case, this theme doesn’t prefer making your web page on a single-line coding. To make your web page more gorgeous, you can easily create a page in a flash.

  • HTML and CSS Implementation

Pointless to say, you can build the most up-to-date website while going through HTML5 and SSS3. And fortunately, this Kalvi WordPress theme is a ready presentation of HTML5 and CSS3.

26. University


The University WordPress Theme is fantastic and you can consider it one of the best WordPress Themes. It has all the wonderful features that you need to build a modern website.

You will find here some additional facilities like- Facebook comments Integration. This University theme is Feature-Reach and easy to use for all levels of users.

You can choose this theme site while creating a website for-

  • Online Course Management
  • Online Event Management
  • University

Key Features

  • LearnDash Compatibility
  • One-Click Data Sample
  • Premium Support
  • Translation Readiness

Reasons Why You Decide University WordPress Theme

  • Auto Updates

What if you find your website keeps updating automatically? Isn’t it exciting to think? Yes! The University WordPress theme will offer you an auto-updating system for your webpage. So, you are here completely worry-free of updating.

  • Easy Students Enrollment and Payment

In terms of the WooCommerce plugin, you can easily receive your payment from students and also keep their enrollment list. 

  • Events and Ticket Selling

WooCommerce also will help you create events and sell tickets for those events with no hassle.

27. iAcademy


The iAcademy WordPress Theme acts as an online showcase to present your courses and modules to the audience. It is a well SEO-optimized WordPress theme to help you rank your site.

It comes with a responsive design that the developers improved after years of thousands of experiments. Its ready translation feature allows using multi-language in the website.

Hence, visitors from different countries and languages can easily access your online courses on your website. It is suitable for creating a website based on-

  • School
  • E-Learning Site
  • Online Tutorial Courses

Key Features

  • Highly Customizable
  • High Compatible
  • Extensive Admin Interface
  • Multiple Header Availability

Reasons Why You Decide iAcademy WordPress Theme

  • Gorgeous Look and Page View

iAcademy will make sure your website has a gorgeous look as well as a friendly view. It will ensure an amazing view from all types of devices.

  • bbPress Compatibility

iAcademy is well-matched with the top leading plugin bbPress. Therefore, it will allow you to create an authentic and valuable community forum for your site.

  • Multipurpose Online Presentation

If you need to make a multipurpose online presentation, then the iAcademy WPML plugin will let you do it properly the way you want

28. Eshkool


You can consider the Eshkool WordPress Theme the best because of its six outstanding homepage demos. The layouts of those homepages are of different Learning Management System courses and are of other inner pages.

Its social Integration with all its social elements will let the users share your content on other social media.

For that reason, your website will automatically get subscribers. But make sure the content you share is worthwhile. You can create your website for the following-

  • Kindergarten
  • School
  • College
  • University

Key Features

  • Exclusive Header Style
  • Exclusive Footer Style
  • MailChimp Integration
  • CL Testimonials

Reasons Why You Decide Eshkool WordPress Theme

  • All Device Convenience

Due to the use of bootstrap4, it will perform in the case of all types of smart devices like tablets, PCs, Android, etc. Bootstrap4 will make your site a hundred percent responsive.

  • Documentation

Its documentation trait will undoubtedly let you improve your theme site gradually. And, as the Eshkool has a premium setup of documentation, you can bring a change anytime you want.

  • Unlimited Google Web Fonts

You can choose your favorite Google font out of more than 800 font styles. So, styling your website with Google font is incredibly trouble-free.

29. IvyPrep


The IvyPrep is preferable when you want to build your website for the purpose of online courses. Besides, it will make your space as well for your institutional website.

Also, you have the option to create an online store to make your payment procedure smoother. You can use this wonderful theme when creating a website for-

  • Online Tutorial Courses
  • Online Training
  • School
  • University
  • College

Key Features

  • RTL Support
  • Customizable Addons
  • Video Conference Addons
  • WPbakery Page Builder

Reasons Why You Decide IvyPrep WordPress Theme

  • LearnPress Plugin

IvyPrep included the top popular plugins LearnPress due to allowing you to design your courses, including quizzes and lessons.  It creates importance among the subscribers and new visitors.

  • Easy to Update

Here again, the LearnPress plugin will let you update your website so simply.

  • Instructor Post

The most thrilling advantage of this theme is to create an eye-catchy profile for your teaching staff. When you can create an exciting and gorgeous teacher’s profile post, it will increase your website’s acceptability to the audience.

30. SmartOWL


This WordPress theme is very popular among users because of its live lessons streaming quality. It will not require you any coding practice. Besides, it will offer you a number of the plugins to bring a variety of wonderful features into your website.

In addition, using this SmartOWL theme, you will get the advantage of a lifelong website updating service. You can use this WordPress theme to build the following websites-

  • kindergarten
  • Schools (primary)
  • The school (Secondary)
  • College
  • University
  • Other Online Educational Websites

Key Features

  • Slider Revolution
  • Visual Composer
  • Quality Footer Settings
  • Multiple Header Variants

Reasons Why You Decide SmartOWL WordPress Theme

  • Flexibility

Using this SmartOWL WordPress theme is easy to download and install. You don’t have to face any trouble while installing. But, if you still don’t understand anything, the brilliant support team will help you as soon as possible. They will respond right after you knock on them.

  • Design Quality

A perfect design based on your theme content is too significant. And, this Smart OWL carries a standard design quality.  That is well able to attract the viewer’s attention.

  • 24/7 Customer’s Support

The support team of Smart OWL WordPress theme is ready to meet your problem and solve it any time you need. Therefore, getting into a problem will not kill your time to proceed with the website development.

31. eCademy


This eCademy is a fantastic WordPress theme. If you build your website using eCademy theme, you will get the composer tools, publishable calendar, and revolution slider.

You can upload your course materials like a syllabus or reading materials, so simply through this theme. However, the eCademy theme works through the zoom plugin while you will arrange for live classes on your website.

This theme covers the following area to build a website-

  • Online Courses
  • Schools
  • University
  • Business Shops
  • Certification programs

Key Features

  • Well Customizable
  • Life-Time Free Updating
  • Online Support
  • Well Documentation

Reasons Why You Decide eCademy WordPress Theme

  • Covers a Complete Academic Framework

eCademy is ready to cover all your academic frameworks. And it is well designed to manage all the tests and evaluations.

  • WPLMS Plugin

The WPLMS plugin application made the eCademy the best and comprehensive WordPress theme.

  • Easy to Sell Course Materials

Through its WooCommerce plugin appliance, you can easily sell your course material and receive payments. And to do so, you have to build a web store that meets the requirements of WooCommerce.

32. EduPrime


Whether you are a teaching instructor or a learner, this theme is suitable for both of you. And this is the reason why most of the users like it. This Amazon affiliate WordPress theme acts as a good showcase to display your teaching affiliate materials.

Furthermore, it is good at identifying different courses or materials because of its database trait. Also, EduPrime works through the LMS for different learning courses. You can use this theme for-

  • Training Programs
  • Kindergarten
  • School
  • University

Key Features

  • Stylish Look
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Data Importer

Reasons Why You Decide eCademy WordPress Theme

  • Elegant Design

The EduPrime conveys the most elegant design that will make your website different but attractive than the other websites.

  • Easy to Use

The interface of this theme is too easy to use. Therefore, anyone can start building his/her website through the EduPrime  WordPress Theme.

  • SEO-Friendly

Needless to say, the EduPrime theme will make your website SEO optimized. So, the website will keep proceeding for Google ranking automatically.


Among thousands of themes, it is pretty tough to choose the best one. So, we hope our picks of 32 best educational WordPress themes will assist you in choosing the right one.

WordPress doesn’t require any special class or coding experience from you. Wherever you are, you are ready to start working for your website through WordPress.

Besides, using these charity wordpress themes, you will get plenty of advantages that will support building your website professionally. You will enjoy the best advantages for example- selling subscription services to your site.

By doing this, if you want to sell your subscription, you can range it anywhere in the student’s aid section. Even, subscription terms will work very well while you move to restrict access to any of your site’s sections.

So, don’t miss being a user of WordPress!


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