Is Link Building Dead? Discover its SEO Relevance Today!

Is Link Building Dead?
Nowadays, many link-building strategies are not working properly. That’s why some people have started saying that link building is dead, or it has nothing to do with ranking now. But the claim is not valid at all. 

The previous ways and strategies of link building are not working similarly anymore. There are reasons for such a situation.

In previous strategies, building more and more links used to be enough to rank better than your competitors. As a result, quality links were not getting the value those should get.

Is Link Building Dead?

Also, picking the websites that are actually good was not that easy for search engines. 

That’s why Google has brought a huge change in the algorithm to pick the sites that offer quality content. Nowadays, besides the links, content quality also matters. Also, a few more things are taken into concern.

As a result, building numerous links doesn’t work today. For this issue, many people claim that links are dead. 

Is Link Building Dead or Relevant to SEO?

Links are not dead at all. Those are alive and promising. You just have to stay careful and ensure that you’re building quality links from quality sources.

Also, Google focuses more on organic links nowadays. So, you need to focus on developing quality content because quality content gets organic links easily. 

So, don’t get confused about the necessity of link building in SEO. Instead, focus on building links that seems organic and develop contents that people love to share willingly. You’ll see the result within a short time. 

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