Link Building in SEO: What It’s & Role in Digital Marketing

what is link building
Link building is a part of SEO and digital marketing strategy for websites. It refers to just the thing that the name indicates.

Link building is the task of getting links from related or relevant websites, mostly from a similar niche to your website through a keyword typically called anchor text. However, the link can be taken to your website through images, videos, or other ways. 

Link building is important for any website. The reason is- when your website is linked with many other relevant websites through proper anchor words and placements, search engines think that those sites trust your website

what is link building

For this, the links should be high-quality ones. Quality links suggest to search engines that your website and contents are credible.

On the other hand, if the links are low-quality, your website won’t get that much support. You may face search engine penalties in these cases because of low-quality links.

This is what has made link building a bit tough task. You have to be cautious to select the websites to get the link from.

Also, you need to make sure that your website is not getting any links from spam websites that you don’t build

If you can do it properly, link building would give you a lot of benefits you’re looking for.

Besides helping a lot in SEO, links help you to gain a lot of traffic by driving traffic to your website from the source websites.

Thus, you might see a decent increase in the sales graph. 

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