Jaaxy Keyword Tool for Affiliate Marketers: Review

If you are planning to step into the world of online marketing, you must know to decide which keyword to use is the primary step for you. That’s when keyword-searching tools come into play. If you have already researched a bit about those, you must have heard about the keyword-searching tool Jaaxy.

Uses of Jaaxy is a keyword research tool famous for its fast and user-friendly nature. It is the first keyword tool that people suggest when you want to get familiar with the easiest way of finding traffic, untapped niches, and managing your content.

It uses the most useable search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing to reach you to your destination of best keywords and unused niches. Its tool and universal user benefit have already taken its name to a peak.

Let’s have a look at my reviews on its features, pros and cons, and whether it is for you!

Uses of Jaaxy

Uses of Jaaxy are useful to users and can be useful in many ways.  If I divide it into two parts, those will be

Who it helps:  Uses of Jaaxy for those who want to promote their business or earn money online. Unlike offline markets and businesses, you don’t need a bunch of legal formalities or paperwork in online business. But you do need to tap into the topics that you will require to thrive here. That’s where you take the help of Uses of Jaaxy. It will help people who are-

  1. Niche pursuers for websites and niche-based blogs.
  2. Professional bloggers earn money by posting advertisements on their blogs.
  3. Site flippers workers.
  4. SEO companies
  5. Article marketers who earn by selling their articles.
  6. People who want to keep an eye on their competitors to know the competition.
  7. Affiliate marketers who reach customers through websites.
  8. Internet marketers can know SERPs ranking of their sites and posts
  9. Local marketers and local businesses promote their products online.
  10. Hot topics that email marketers want to share.
  11. YouTube marketers focus on getting the most views.
  12. People who earn money from online / Pay Per Click advertisers
  13. Website owners who want to gain leverage in the online market by posting trending viral items of news.
  14. Domain flippers.
  15. Freelance writers help people write in their blogs and websites.

Jaaxy Review, Pricing, & Enterprise

What it helps in

Jaaxy is almost like a powerhouse in terms of searching for content. It’s very useful and lesser-known too. You can use it in areas like :

  1. It helps to reveal yet to exploit niches that will have high traffics online.
  2. New keyword ideas and niches will be provided to you.
  3. It helps to boost one’s SEO endeavors. So it will help if you have no SEO knowledge.
  4. You can automatically take advantage of Google’s Instant Soup technique with it.
  5. Give an idea should one rely on a particular niche or not
  6. You can learn how competitive the keyword you are planning to use is. So, you can easily know how much traffic to expect if you choose a particular keyword and create your worksite on that.
  7. Informs what’s on-trend and famous on the web at that particular time can be found judging by the most used search engines.
  8. Easy to make to-do lists for projects so you don’t miss any important details.
  9. Finds out if you can make any money on a particular niche by affiliate products.
  10. It views particular sites, posts based on the rankings on google.
  11. It saves keyword lists and keeps them organized by the topic, So, the hassle of managing everything is almost half than usual.
  12. You will find keywords with less competition, which will make it easier for an instant ranking on the first page of google results.

Jaaxy keyword research tool review

It has many features that will help you to not only find keywords with more traffic but will help you use them in making money and creating a successful side The tools and their works-

  1. You will have the Keyword Suggestions a feature that is related to your keyword. It will help you broaden your key phrases.
  2. When you search for a word in this tool, it will show the Average Traffic of that particular keyword in one month. This tool searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo these three websites for that given keyword.
  3. The Estimated Traffic feature researches an estimation of the least amount of traffic you will get if you manage to upgrade your site rank to the top pages of the google search results.
  4. 200- 300 keyword traffic for a particular keyword is a good kick-start to aim for. The less the better. Jaaxy Quoted Search Results use the state-of-the-art algorithm to find out an estimated amount of competitors you will fight if you decide to use your chosen keyword.
  5. Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) feature uses colors like red, green, and yellow to rank your chosen keywords. If your given keyword is good enough, you will see the green light, if it’s passable, it will be yellow and if it’s bad, you will see the red color.
  6. SEO power feature will help you in knowing how good you are at Search engine optimization by marking your scores on a scale of 100. It will tell you how easier it will be to get a certain amount of traffic. A 70-80 score is a good score for a start.
  7. The To-do feature works to connect you to the article marketing sites like StreetArticles.com
  8. You can review how well you and your competitors are doing by the Site Rank
  9. The Brainstorm feature gives you ideas about what content you should post, from trending searches in search engines e.g. Google, Alexa, amazon, etc.
  10. The Affiliate Programs feature helps you to find keywords that can earn your money by getting suggestions of trending affiliate products and programs. So you will know the demand and create content based on those suggestions.
  11. You can monitor your competition pages by knowing all their ins and outs (mostly) by the Search Analysis
  12. You will have your Search History feature that will save all your previously searched keywords and key-phrases.
  13. The Alphabet Soup feature will automatically add alphabets to your keywords by following people’s searches
  14. The Saved Lists feature will sort your keywords by their niche. Those can be downloaded in various forms to work offline. You can decide which sorted list looks good enough to add to your keyword list and rename them if you wish. This will help you do more research on the competitors you are going to face based on each list.

Jaaxy pros and cons

Pros of Jaaxy

As a keyword tool, Jaaxy has many pros. The pros of Jaaxy are-

  1. It’s easier to navigate even for beginners.
  2. It works faster and more smoothly than most of the keyword tools. The use of a powerful hub makes sure of it.
  3. Few no irrelevant data to go through when you research.
  4. It can be used both on PC and smartphones.
  5. Fully online-based, no software or app needed to use it. So, you don’t need to bother about downloading or installing or making any space for it.
  6. You don’t have to be constantly worried about updates as it’s not an app.
  7. Can easily find low competition keywords.
  8. Can find niches with higher traffics
  9. Works with the most common search engines to find out which key phrases are trending. Like Google, Bing Yahoo
  10. It has training tools like videos and screenshots to help you through each feature.
  11. It is useful for every kind of online business, e.g. bloggers, marketers, etc.

Cons of Jaaxy

Jaaxy has many cons as its algorithm and many features seem to not deliver what they are supposed to. The cons of Uses of Jaaxy are-

  1. The pricing of packages is very high. Even the lowest one seems expensive.
  2. It doesn’t have the option of selecting the language. It’s hard for people who don’t have English as a first or second language.
  3. It has no feature to target a particular range of audiences. For example, if you want to target either a native or global audience you won’t be able to do that using Jaaxy.
  4. The Brainstorm feature doesn’t always show current trends as it is supposed to show. A lot of keyword suggestions from the Keyword Suggestions feature often have low traffic. Which kinds of deems the effect of having an extensive amount of suggestions.
  5. The Alphabet Soup feature seems off as if you double-check the added alphabets are not what google shows.

Cost of Jaaxy packages

There are three packages of the Uses of Jaaxy. Those are-

“Free-trial” package:: The cost of this package is $0 and lasts a month. This package includes 30 keyword searches, keyword results, and site-rank analysis scans. You will also have all the other features e.g. Affiliate Programs, Brainstorm, Quoted Search Results, etc.

It’s a great scope for people to try out the features of the Jaaxy. It is the best option for a beginner who just started online marketing.

Pro-Plan” package

This package costs $49 per month. Along with the other usual services, the services that you will be offered in this package are:

  1. You can search for unlimited keywords.
  2. QSR and domain will be at your disposal manually.
  3. your keywords can go through the search analysis process.
  4. Your multithreaded search will be 2x than usual.
  5. You will get 2k site-rank analysis scans.
  6. You will get 15 alphabets added per keyword.
  7. To do and search analysis features will be unlocked.

Jaaxy Enterprise Review

This package costs $99 per month. It can benefit online marketers planning to work on numerous keywords. With usual services, this includes:

  1. You will get an automated QSR and domain search facility.
  2. The process will be 5x faster than usual.
  3. You will get 50 alphabets added per keyword.
  4. You will get 5k site-rank analysis scans.
  5. Your multithreaded search will be 5x than usual.
  6. You will get unlimited keywords.

Jaaxy’s support group and tutorials

Although even newbies can easily use it, it offers a support group that can help you 24/7 whenever you ask for. You will get a fast solution from their reliable helping team. If you run into a bug or if you have confusion, you can always ask for help in their helpline or watch the tutorial materials they post on their site.

My opinion of Jaaxy

I think it’s one of the best keyword tools of 2020. A lot of keyword tools will be suggested to you. But in the end, it comes down to which is more usable with fewer hassles. The easiest way to decide for me was to look at these basic sides:

  1. It’s a lot easier to use.
  2. It’s fast and mostly reliable.
  3. You have little scope of going crazy with useless information.
  4. It has many tutorials and supports systems.

Jaaxy is for you

Mostly if you are a beginner, Uses of Jaaxy is for you. Because-

  1. You won’t have any idea about what niche you should choose
  2. At first, how much traffic you are getting.
  3. Accurate metrics will seem like a lot of spreadsheets to you.

These all will be a lot easier for you if you use Jaaxy as a beginner who wants to shine in online business.

Jaaxy is not for you

Unlike what most people think, the best keyword tool is not for everyone. Uses of Jaaxy won’t be much help to you-

  • If your online site is well-established already, a marketer who’s an expert in working on a lot of niches.
  • If you are already earning money from your site, Uses of Jaaxy is not for you, because it is too simple to help you with updating your earnings.

Nothing comes with an unmixed blessing. Same with Jaaxy. But if you ask me to weigh its pros with its cons, I will certainly ask you to give it a try. First, try its free trial package, then if you like it buy the other packages. For me, it is handy to have for learning how to navigate through the world of online marketing.

Why not try the\ fruits that are hanging low with Jaaxy rather than trying to reach the fruits that all the other people are fighting for?

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