Local SEO for Small Business: 8 Key Benefits and Importance

Local SEO Transforms Small Businesses
A marketing strategy like Local SEO helps local small businesses in being more visible in Google’s search results. 

Nowadays, Local SEO becomes one of the fundamental factors in implementing marketing strategies because of the outbreak of using the mobile internet.

As a consequence, the accomplishment of any business offering products/ or services hugely depends on this particular strategy of a certain geographical area. 

Based on user behavior and identifying that customers are looking for specific sorts of products or services which are close to them, Google has constructed its search engine. 

Google modifies its algorithm including a proximity component, which means Google always considers users’ location when they search for a local phrase.

When an individual searches for something, Google searches its index to get the outcomes that best suit the individual’s query. Understanding Google’s criteria Local SEO helps a website rank at the top of the page of Google.

How Local SEO acts as a game-changer in small business

The process of Local SEO is to optimize a website/ online marketplace to increase the traffic from local searches. 

For instance, assume that you are having a late night craving for Chinese food. As you thought, you may type Pizza into your favorite search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find local takeaways. 

Instead of providing a list of all available Pizza delivery service providers on the internet, the search engine returns with a list that is actually relevant to you.

Finding Pizza delivery would show a list of locations around your home in the local SERPs (search engine result pages). Similarly, the same search from your workplace a day later would bring a completely different outcome.

That is the beauty of Local SEO will eventually generate more sales/ leads for local companies. 

Set of ranking different criteria in Local SEO

Considering the Local SEO, Google implements a set of ranking different criteria, which include:

  • User’s location
  • Enlisted Google My Business companies
  • Keywords that enlisted company used in Google My Business 
  • NAP (name, address, phone) citations
  • Total number of “check-ins”
  • Social media involvement like the total number of “shares” etc.

Search engines like Google always consider the location of the users while they search for the local keyword. The user doesn’t need to indicate the country, city, area, or keywords like “near me” to get the local results. 

In terms of Local SEO, you would wonder to know that about 46% of all Google searches account for local ones.

Another interesting fact is almost 76% of users who try to find something through their mobile phone end up visiting the shop/store on the exact same day. Here we can imagine how crucial it is.  

Pertinent pros of optimizing Local SEO for small businesses

1. More visibility for the users

Marketing strategy like Local SEO helps local companies/ businesses to be more visible in Google’s local search results. Local SEO will introduce more potential customers through visibility on the search engine.

The ultimate milestone of SEO is to develop business ranking as well as search results. Hence, it will fetch more visitors to the online company profile.

More local visibility would also include more foot traffic into your brick-and-mortar location and as a result, it will end up bringing more sales. 

2. Survive in Local Competition

Day by day the challenges are enhancing to survive in the local markets. Companies are engaging themselves with different marketing strategies and adapting to digital marketing.

To endure the upcoming local collision, companies are trying to reach out to local audiences and developing the company website to remain competitive. 

Working with experienced and skilled SEO experts/ Agencies allows them to implement better high-thought strategies that eventually build a strong pillar for the brand and give ultimate protection from the changing new trends. 

3. Specify the targeted audience

SEO practices relevant keywords to implement marketing for your business which improves producing a better reach to the targeted audience. 

The utmost competitive advantage of Local SEO is, a business can make proper positioning for their brand more effectively because the local traffic is quite specific.

Local searches often find similar types of businesses around them and implementing Local SEO avails businesses to reach that ideal target audience within their region. 

As a result, when an individual is searching for a specific service or product, he/she will find your company/ business and end up visiting your online marketplace or website. 

4. Raise brand awareness

One of the major blessings of Local SEO is when people search for a specific product/ service with the keywords will more likely discover your website/ online marketplace at the top of the search engines.

The more frequently they see the results the more brand awareness your business will get. As an outcome, they are more likely to click on your page/ website. 

5. Smartphone savvy

Nowadays, having a smartphone is not an option any longer. From teenagers to elderly people everyone has access to a mobile phone.

A survey shows that almost 70% of smartphone users access the web using their portable mobile devices. Just assume how many benefits it will add to your business if you can optimize these users and convert them as the potential audience of your web pages. 

Here, Local SEO plays a significant role in providing the visibility of the website on the front page of the search engine.

In terms of Google, the biggest search engine in the world is very particular about the kind of data/ information available on a website for it to rank higher in its searches. 

For people who are browsing/ searching on the internet using their smartphone, local SEO drags the most possible result on the search engine for them in a more convenient way. 

6. “Google My Business” Feature

Google My Business is a free tool offered by Google. With the help of this particular feature, you can have control over the online presence of your company which includes business location, name, working hours as well as business pictures.

A local SEO expert/ agency will ensure that your business profile or website has been designed to attract potential local buyers. In the whole world, just about 44% of businesses have claimed their listing on Google My Business.

This particular operation helps audiences to discover and explore more local companies around them and keep your business at the top of the search results. 

7. Enhance traffic and transmute into potential customers

Local SEO for small businesses is the golden key to developing conversion rates. Local SEO services enthrall an audience within one’s own market that assists businesses to emerge from their surroundings and gain day-to-day more traffic. 

In the long run, more traffic will generate more potential customers. Ranking on the top of the search engine, the customer will become a frequent viewer of your website which eventually increase brand awareness and will lead to sales as well. 

Through making appropriate optimization and by enlisting your small business online, you may promote foot traffic, sales as well as reviews, which will assist your search engine ranking and help to get valuable customers.

8. NAP citations

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number and one of the key factors in local SEO is Citation. Several SEOs experts start their careers executing citations for stakeholders.

If it is done correctly, citations can be really easy to operate and can lead to developing local rankings. My Business profile and building NAP citations are key ingredients of Local SEO.

NAP citations are all the places that list the contact details for example name, address, and phone. Google itself checks them to confirm your business information and ensure these are correct.

That means, the more often Google views NAP citations for your company, the more they will affirm your business address and phone number. In short words, NAP citations increase Google’s trust in your company. 

local seo benefits

Final Thoughts

To be successful, local SEO creates a significant marketing strategy. It is undeniable that Local SEO increases foot traffic, as well as sales and profit in your small business.

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